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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2002Coupled dipole method with an exact long-wavelength limit and improved accuracy at finite frequenciesRahmani, A; Chaumet, PC; Bryant, GW
1-Jan-2017A coupled finite volume & discrete element method to examine particulate foulant transport in metal foam heat exchangersKuruneru, STW; Sauret, E; Saha, SC; Gu, YT
3-Sep-2014Coupled fuzzy k-nearest neighbors classification of imbalanced non-IID categorical dataLiu, C; Cao, L; Yu, PS
Jan-2009A coupled hydraulic-hydrologic modelling approach to deriving a water balance model for a complex floodplain wetland systemRayburg, SC; Thoms, M
2014Coupled Item-Based Matrix FactorizationLi, F; Xu, G; Cao, L
2014Coupled Item-Based Matrix FactorizationLi, F; Xu, G; Cao, L
Jan-2013Coupled market behavior based financial crisis detectionCao, W; Cao, L; Song, Y; Angelov, P; Levine, D; Apolloni, B
8-Apr-2015Coupled Matrix Factorization within Non-IID ContextLi, F; Xu, G; Cao, L; Cao, T
Jan-2008A coupled model of stomatal conductance and photosynthesis for winter wheatYe, ZP; Yu, Q
Jan-2002Coupled multipolar interactions in clusters of nanoparticles with metal shellsSmith, G; Pustovit, VN
Jan-2011Coupled Nominal Similarity in Unsupervised LearningWang, C; Cao, L; Li, J; Wei, W; Ou, Y; Wang, M; Berendt, BEA
2008Coupled one and two-dimensional modeling in urban catchments : reducing uncertainty in urban stormwater modelingGray, SD
Jan-2009Coupled One and Two-Dimensional Modelling in Urban Catchments-Reducing Uncertainty in Flood EstimationGray, SD; Ball, JE; Kuczera, G; Willgoose, G
Jan-2010Coupled photonic crystal waveguide in hexagonal latticesBrownless, JS; Mahmoodian, S; Dossou, KB; Lawrence, FJ; Botten, LC; de Sterke, CM; Koch, K; Novotny, L
2015Coupled similarity analysis in supervised learningLiu, C
Jan-2013Coupled term-term relation analysis for document clusteringCheng, X; Miao, D; Wang, C; Cao, L; Angelov, P; Levine, D; Apolloni, B
2017Coupled twist–bending static and dynamic behavior of a curved single-walled carbon nanotube based on nonlocal theoryHayati, H; Hosseini, SA; Rahmani, O
Jan-2010Coupled waveguide modes in hexagonal photonic crystalsBrownless, JS; Mahmoodian, S; Dossou, KB; Lawrence, FJ; Botten, LC; de Sterke, CM
Jan-2009Coupled-dipole method for magnetic and negative refraction materialsChaumet, PC; Rahmani, A
Jan-2008Coupled-dipole method in time domainChaumet, PC; Belkebir, K; Rahmani, A