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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009Creating listening spaces for intergenerational communication - Tiffany Lee-Shoy in Conversation with Tanja DreherLee-Shoy, T; Dreher, TI
Jan-2010Creating New Career Pathways To Reduce Poverty, Illiteracy And Health Risks, While Transforming And Empowering Cambodian Women's LivesLee, H; Pollock, G; Lubek, I; Niemi, S; O'Brien, K; Green, MI; Bashir, SA; Braun, E; Kros, S; Huot, V; MA, V; Griffiths, N; Dickson, B; Pring, N; Huon-ribeil, K; Lim, N; Turner, JR; Winkler, C; Wong, M; Van, MT; Dy, B; Prem, S; Idema, R
Jan-2004Creating online structured academic controversiesMcLaughlan, RG; Teri Rhoads
1-Apr-2011Creating safety by strengthening clinicians' capacity for reflexivityIedema, R
1-Jan-2015Creating scenarios or creating and sustaining social worlds? Towards new sociological understandings of the use and impacts of scenario planningMcGrail, S; Riedy, C
1-Oct-2017Creating Shared Value Through Service-Learning in Management EducationNikolova, N; Andersen, L
Jan-2009Creating social capital through the internet: thoughts and experiences of generations X and YYerbury, H
17-Jun-2014Creating Stress-free Learning Environments for Sport and Physical EducationCurrie, JL; Sumich, K
Jan-2010Creating The Conditions For Growth: A Collaborative Practice Development Programme For Clinical Nurse LeadersBoomer, C; McCormack, B
Jan-2004Creating the OOSPICE Model Architecture - A Case of ReuseHenderson-Sellers, B; Bohling, J; Rout, TP
Jan-2006Creating the space for reflection at workBoud, DJ; Boud, D; Cressey, P; Docherty, P
Jan-2014Creating vegetation density profiles for a diverse range of ecological habitats using terrestrial laser scanningAshcroft, MB; Gollan, JR; Ramp, D
Jan-2007Creating Visual Browsers for Large Scale Online AuctionsHuang, M; Nguyen, Q; Lai, W; Lu, J; Ruan, D; Zhang, G
Jan-2012Creating work: employee-driven innovation through work practice reconstructionPrice, O; Boud, DJ; Scheeres, HB; Bonnafous-Boucher, M; Hasse, C; Høyrup, S; Lotz, M; Møller, K
Jan-2008Creation Of A Community Violence Exposure Scale: Accounting For What, Who, Where, And How OftenSuglia, S; Ryan, LM; Wright, R
2016The creation to come: pre-empting the evolution of the bioeconomyWalker, JR; Marshall, J; Connor, L
7-May-2010Creative at Work, Impossible Dream!Lally, E
-Creative Australia and The Ballet Russes commissionHughes, NA; Centre, VA
14-Oct-2015Creative Business in Australia Learnings from the Creative Industries Innovation Centre, 2009 To 2015Andersen, L; Ashton, P; Colley, L
2013Creative camaraderie: promoting a shared design culture for staff and studentsLoy, J; Ancher, S