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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2002Conceptualizing leadership with respect to its historical-contextual antecedents to powerGordon, RD
2015Conceptualizing privacy : towards engineering privacy in contemporary societyChen, S
20-Aug-2013Conceptualizing sport event legacyThomson, A; Schlenker, K; Schulenkorf, N
1-Jan-2001Conceptualizing the selves of tourism-
Jan-2007Concerning Trust and InformationDenize, SM; Young, LC
1-Jan-2012The Concerns of Competent Novices during a Mentoring YearLennox, S; Jutel, A; Foureur, A
Jan-2012The Concerns of Competent Novices during a Mentoring Year.Lennox, S; Jutel, A; Foureur, M
11-Feb-2015Conciliation and conflict, performance and commemoration in colonial Australia and the Pacific Rim-
8-Jan-2016A concise history of economic thought: From mercantilism to monetarismVaggi, G; Groenewegen, P
1-Sep-2010Concise review: Nanoparticles and cellular carriers-allies in cancer imaging and cellular gene therapy?-
Jan-2011Concluding remarksSanchez-Bayo, FP; Van den Brink, P; Mann, RM; Sanchez-Bayo, F; van den Brink, PJ; Mann, RM
2014Conclusion, Discussion and RecommendationsRoggema, R
17-May-2017Conclusion, recommendations and outlook-
Jan-2013Conclusion: An Agenda for the Next DecadeJakubowicz, AH; Ho, C; Jakubowicz, A; Ho, C
24-Mar-2005Conclusion: Centering tourism geography-
1-Jan-2010Conclusion: Universal approaches to accessible tourismBuhalis, D
30-Apr-2018Conclusions and a Manifesto for the futureWilkinson, SJ; Remoy, H
1-Jan-2016Concordance between missed days of hepatitis B virus anti-viral therapy and virological breakthroughSheppard-Law, SJ; Kermeen, M; Holdaway, S; Zekry, A; George, J; Dore, GJ; Maher, L
1-Dec-2011Concrete and other neo-piagetian forms of reasoning in the novice programmerLister, R
Jan-2005Concrete Flexural Members Reinforced with Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Reinforcing Bars: Advantage and LimitationsSmith, ST; Gravina, R; Stewart, MG; Dockrill, B