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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2011Do You See What I See: A Project Mananger's Knowledge NightmareAlgeo, CT; -
12-Mar-2007DOA Estimation of a Wideband Signal Using a 2-D Array Antenna with Spatial Processing CapabilityUthansakul, M; Bialkowski, ME
Jan-2005Doctoral Dreams Destroyed: Does Griffith University v Tang spell the end of judicial review of Australian University decisions?Kamvounias, P; Varnham, S
Jan-2005Doctoral education in nursing: opportunities and dynamics in the marketplaceRedman, RW; Chenoweth, L
Jan-2010Doctoral experience and learning from a sociocultural perspectiveHopwood, N
Jan-2009Doctoral student experience: activities and difficulties influencing identity developmentMcAlpine, L; Jazvc-Martek, M; Hopwood, N
Jan-2010Doctoral students as journal editors: non-formal learning through academic workHopwood, N
Jan-2004Doctoring the knowledge workerTennant, MC
Jan-2013Doctors who kill or harm their patients: the Australian experienceDobinson, IR; Griffiths, D; Sanders, A
2002The doctrine of consideration : (the role of consideration in contract modifications)Twyford, John Wilson
Jan-2010The Doctrine of Discovery in AustraliaBehrendt, LY; Press, OU
22-Jul-2014Document from British Headquarters, Allied Forces Netherlands East Indies, approving P.R.S. Mani for Public Relations duties in Java, 1946P.R.S. Mani; Goodall, H
1-Jan-2016Document Similarity Analysis via Involving Both Explicit and Implicit Semantic CouplingsChen, Q; Hu, L; Xu, J; Liu, W; cao, L
Jan-2005Documentation and transfer of clinical information in two aged care settingsPelletier, DS; Duffield, CM; Donoghue, JM
Jan-2012Documentation of Warfarin Education provided to Hospital Patients: A Clinical AuditNasser, S; Cecchele, R; Touma, S; Han, P; Nair, K; Vizgoft, J; Murdoch, V; Mullan, J; Bajorek, B
23-Jul-2014Documents detailing professional career, P.R.S. Mani, [after 1977]P.R.S. Mani; Goodall, H
Jan-2013Dodgy Science or Global Necessity? Local Media Reporting of Marine ParksVoyer, M; Dreher, TI; Gladstone, W; Goodall, H; Lester, L; Hutchins, B
Jan-2006Does 1-octen-3-ol enhance trap collections of Japanese encephalitis virus mosquito vectors in northern Australia?van den Hurk, A; Montgomery, B; Zborowski, P; Beebe, NW; Cooper, RD; Ritchie, SA
Jan-2007Does Advanced Access improve access to primary health care? Questionnaire survey of patientsSalisbury, C; Goodall, S; Montgomery, A; Pickin, M; Sampson, F; Edwards, S; Simons, L; Lattimer, V
Jan-2009Does Advice From Pharmacy Staff Vary According To The Nonprescription Medicine Requested?Kelly, FS; Williams, K; Benrimoj, C