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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2006Corporate capitalism: a major barrier to ecologically and socially sustainable development alternativesMcGregor, IM
Jan-2008Corporate CEOs as Cultural PromotersHawes, C; Goodman, DSG
Jan-2004Corporate Communication: Getting away from the structured and planned approach to an emergent postmodern approachStroh, U; unknown
Jan-2001Corporate Communications and the rise of the Network SocietyLueg, CP
Jan-2009Corporate ConstitutionalismCorbett, A; Spender, P
Jan-2004Corporate Control of Rogue TradersWilliams, M; Elliot, S; Elliot, S; Andersen, KV; Trauth, E; Reich, S
2012Corporate credit rating announcements : information content of rating announcements models : evidence from the Australian financial marketsSok, C
Jan-2008Corporate effective tax rates and tax reform: evidence from AustraliaRichardson, G; Lanis, R; Hartmann, FGH
Jan-2008Corporate effective tax rates and tax reform: Evidence spanning Australia's Ralph Review of Business Taxation ReformRichardson, G; Lanis, R
Jan-2012Corporate Governance and Corruption: Ethical Dilemmas of Asian Business Groupsdela Rama, MJ
2017Corporate Governance and Inequality: The Impact of Financialisation and Shareholder ValueClarke, T; Gholamshahi, S; Karyotis, C; Alijani, S
Jan-2011Corporate Governance and Reputation: A Disaster StoryClarke, T; Burke, RJ; Canada; Martin, G; Cooper, CL
Jan-2011Corporate governance and risk-taking: Evidence from Japanese firmsNguyen, PD
Jan-2012Corporate governance and the global financial crisis: The regulatory responseKlettner, AL; Clarke, T; Branson, D
Jan-2010Corporate governance and the Global Financial Crisis: The regulatory responsesClarke, T; Tourani-Rad, A; Ingley, C
Jan-2009Corporate governance and the long-run performance of firms issuing seasoned equity: An Australian studyBrown, PR; Lee, M; Owen, S; Walter, TS; NA
Jan-2011Corporate governance causes of the global financial crisisClarke, T; William Sun
27-Jul-2016Corporate Governance Codes and Gender Diversity: Management-Based Regulation in ActionKlettner, AL
Jan-2007Corporate Governance in China: the Role of the state and ideology in shaping reformsYoung, AL; Li, G; Lau, AK
2008Corporate governance in international joint venturesJiang, C