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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009Darwin--a mission to detect and search for life on extrasolar planets.Cockell, CS; Léger, A; Fridlund, M; Herbst, TM; Kaltenegger, L; Absil, O; Beichman, C; Benz, W; Blanc, M; Brack, A; Chelli, A; Colangeli, L; Cottin, H; Coudé du Foresto, F; Danchi, WC; Defrère, D; den Herder, JW; Eiroa, C; Greaves, J; Henning, T; Johnston, KJ; Jones, H; Labadie, L; Lammer, H; Launhardt, R; Lawson, P; Lay, OP; LeDuigou, JM; Liseau, R; Malbet, F; Martin, SR; Mawet, D; Mourard, D; Moutou, C; Mugnier, LM; Ollivier, M; Paresce, F; Quirrenbach, A; Rabbia, YD; Raven, JA; Rottgering, HJ; Rouan, D; Santos, NC; Selsis, F; Serabyn, E; Shibai, H; Tamura, M; Thiébaut, E; Westall, F; White, GJ
2017DASFAAXu, G; Yueqing, S; Lin, L; Zhongwei, X; Qing, X; Xin, L
Jan-2012Data acquisition, monitoring and control for hybrid solar air-conditionersHa, QP
17-Sep-2013Data Analysis of Cobalt and Chromium Ion Levels in Arthroplasty PatientsRai, T
Jan-2009Data and Design for Choice Models in MarketingEckert, C
2009Data and Knowledge-Transfer Model for the Development of Software Requirements Analysis CASE Tools designed for Cross-Time-Zone ProjectsChaczko, Z; Moulton, B; Quang, J; Jain, K; Zenon Chaczko, Ryszard Klempous, Jan Nikodem
Jan-2009Data and Knowledge-Transfer Model for the Development of Software Requirements Analysis CASE Tools designed for Cross-Time-Zone ProjectsChaczko, ZC; Moulton, BD; Quang, J; Jain, K; Chaczko, Z; Klempous, R; Nikodem, J
Jan-2007Data association in bearing-only SLAM using a cost function-based approachKwok, N; Ha, QP; Gu, F; Seth Hutchinson
2016Data Behaviours Model for Big Data Visual AnalyticsZhang, J; Huang, M
Jan-2009Data ClusteringZhao, Y; Cao, L; Zhang, H; Zhang, C; Ferraggine, VE; Doorn, JH; Rivero, LC
Jan-2014Data Clustering Using Variants of Rapid Centroid EstimationYuwono, M; Su, SW; Moulton, BD; Nguyen, HT
Jan-2009Data Collection, Correlation and Dissemination of Medical Sensor Information in a WSNLawrence, EM; Felix Navarro, KM; Hoang, DB; Lim, Y; Lawrence, E; Felix Navarro, K; Hoang, D; Yang Lim, Y
2017Data Completeness in Healthcare: A Literature SurveyLiu, C; Talaei-Khoei, A; zowghi, D; Daniel, J
Jan-2013Data driven modeling based on dynamic parsimonious fuzzy neural networkPratama, M; Er, M; Li, X; Oentaryo, RJ; Lughofer, E; Arifin, I
30-May-2016Data evaluation report of the LIEEP Power Savers Project (PSP)Berry, F; Downes, J; Madden, B; Riedy, CJ
Jan-2009Data Fusion and Aggregation Methods for Pre-Processing Ambulatory Monitoring and Remote Sensor Data for Upload to Personal Electronic Health RecordsMoulton, BD; Chaczko, ZC; Karatovic, M
2009Data fusion in wireless sensor networksTakruri, MSR
Jan-2009Data Fusion Techniques for Auto Calibration inWireless Sensor NetworksTakruri, MS; Challa, S; Yunis, R; IEEE
31-Oct-2015Data Hiding Based on Intelligent Optimized Edges for Secure Multimedia CommunicationWazirali, RA; Chaczko, Z
Jan-2012Data hiding method based on local image featuresZhang, X; Tang, Z; Liang, T; Zhang, S; Zhu, Y; Sun, Y