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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-1974Copyright and the Arts in AustraliaLahore, JC; Griffith, PB
Jan-2009'Copyright doesn't mean shit to me'. Sampling and appropriation in Australian experimental music and sound artO'Neill, SP; Gail Priest
Jan-2011Copyright in the Connected Digital WorldFraser, MH; Papandrea, F; Armstrong, M
Jan-2010Copyright Law and the Public Interest in the Nineteenth CenturyAlexander, IJ
Jan-2001Copyright Law in Indonesia: New Reforms and ProspectsKeyzer, P; Jones, OR
Jan-2012Copyright Review: issues for cultural practiceMcKeough, J
21-Feb-2011Copyright, Commercialisation and IPWatterson, P; Beins, D; Noble, M
8-Mar-2018The Copyright/Design Interface in AustraliaAlexander, IJ; Derclaye, E
Jan-2008Copyright: A Colonial Doctrine in a Postcolonial AgeRoy, A
Jan-2011Coral and mollusc resistance to ocean acidification adversely affected by warmingRodolfo-Metalpa, R; Houlbrèque, F; Tambutté, E; Boisson, F; Baggini, C; Patti, FP; Jeffree, R; Fine, M; Foggo, A; Gattuso, J; Hall-Spencer, JM
2008Coral bleaching : photosynthetic impacts on symbiotic dinoflagellatesHill, R
1-Nov-2017Coral bleaching pathways under the control of regional temperature variabilityLanglais, CE; Lenton, A; Heron, SF; Evenhuis, C; Sen Gupta, A; Brown, JN; Kuchinke, M
Jan-2009Coral bleaching: the role of the hostBaird, AH; Bhagooli, R; Ralph, PJ; Takahashi, S
15-Feb-2016Coral community response to bleaching on a highly disturbed reef.Guest, JR; Low, J; Tun, K; Wilson, B; Ng, C; Raingeard, D; Ulstrup, KE; Tanzil, JTI; Todd, PA; Toh, TC; McDougald, D; Chou, LM; Steinberg, PD
30-Nov-2017Coral Community Structure and Recruitment in Seagrass MeadowsLohr, KE; Smith, DJ; Suggett, DJ; Nitschke, MR; Dumbrell, AJ; Woodcock, S; Camp, EF
17-Apr-2015The coral core microbiome identifies rare bacterial taxa as ubiquitous endosymbiontsD Ainsworth, T; Krause, L; Bridge, T; Torda, G; Raina, J-B; Zakrzewski, M; Gates, RD; Padilla-Gamiño, JL; Spalding, HL; Smith, C; Woolsey, ES; Bourne, DG; Bongaerts, P; Hoegh-Guldberg, O; Leggat, W
2008Coral disease physiology: the impact of Acroporid white syndrome on SymbiodiniumRoff, G; Kvennefors, E; Ulstrup, KE; Fine, M; Hoegh-Guldberg, O
Jan-2013Coral Exoskeletons as a Precursor Material for the Development of Calcium Phosphate Drug Delivery System for Bone Tissue EngineeringChou, J; Hao, J; Ben-Nissan, B; Milthorpe, BK; Otsuka, M
25-Aug-2015Coral Monitoring Post-Dredging Report − Ichthys Nearshore Environmental Monitoring ProgramRoberts, C; Nicastro, A; Pernice, M; Blount, C
Jan-2005Coral photobiology studied with a new imaging pulse amplitude modulated fluorometerRalph, PJ; Schreiber, U; Gademann, R; Kuehl, M; Larkum, A