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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2009Debating Appraisal: On Networks and NamesPoynton, C; Lee, A; Chen, H; Cruickshank, K
29-Mar-2007Debating Civil SocietiesOnyx, J
29-Mar-2007Debating Civil SocietiesBlay, S
29-Mar-2007Debating Cosmopolitan Civil SocietiesGoodman, J
2015Debating NBN policy : the influence of issue managementKing, I
Jan-2006Debating the Legal Regulation of Sex-Related Bribery and Corruption in the People's Republic of ChinaJeffreys, E; Jeffreys, E
Jan-2008Debating the OO debate: where is the problem?Berglund, A; Lister, RF; Lister; R; Simon
Jan-2005Debonding Failure in CFRP strengthened Concrete BeamsKhomwan, N; Foster, S; Smith, ST; Seracino, R
Jan-2008Deborah Kelly's gods, monsters and probable historiesVanni Accarigi, I
Jan-2006Debt and aid, war and peace: Policy tradeoffs in conflict-affected countriesMenzies, GD
2015Debt detection and debt recovery with advanced classification techniquesWu, SS
Jan-2009Debt Detection in Social Security by Adaptive Sequence ClassificationWu, S; Zhao, Y; Zhang, H; Zhang, C; Cao, L; Bohlscheid, H; Karagiannis, D; Jin, Z
Jan-2009Debt Detection in Social Security by Sequence Classification Using Both Positive and Negative PatternsZhao, Y; Zhang, H; Wu, S; Pei, J; Cao, L; Zhang, C; Bohlscheid, H; Buntine, WL; Grobelnik, M; Mladenic, D; Shawe-Taylor, J
24-Feb-2014Debt is not a dirty word: role and use of debt in local governmentJohn Comrie
Jan-2013Debye Parameter Extraction for Characterizing Interaction of TeraHertz Radiation with Human Skin TissueTruong, BC; Hoang, TD; Ha, K; Nguyen, HT
2006A decade of change : the development of family centered care in a neonatal intensive care unitKinross, Denise Anne
2006A decade of illicit sex in the cityCrofts, P
Jan-2006A decade of illicit sex in the cityCrofts, P
Jan-2004A decade of Post-Apartheid: Is the City in South Africa being Remade?Morris, A
2015Decentralisation and subsidiarity: Concepts and frameworks for emerging economiesRyan, R; Woods, R