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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Coupling multiple views of relations for recommendationFu, B; Xu, G; Cao, L; Wang, Z; Wu, Z; Cao, T; Lim, EP; Zhou, ZH; Ho, TB; Cheung, D; Motoda, H
30-Jun-2014Coupling of a single-photon emitter in nanodiamond to surface plasmons of a nanochannel-enclosed silver nanowireAramesh, M; Cervenka, J; Roberts, A; Djalalian-Assl, A; Rajasekharan, R; Fang, J; Ostrikov, K; Prawer, S
Jan-2011Coupling of finite element and meshfree methods for locking-free analysis of shear-deformable beams and platesErkmen, E; Bradford, MA
2008Coupling of nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond to a GaP waveguideFu, K; Santori, C; Barclay, P; Aharonovich, I; Prawer, S; Meyer, N; Holm, A; Beausoleil, R
Jan-2013Coupling Of Physico-chemical Treatment And Steel Membrane Filtration To Enhanced Organic Removal In Wastewater TreatmentJohir, M; Vigneswaran, S; Kandasamy, JK; Sleigh, R
Jan-2012Coupling of silicon-vacancy centers to a single crystal diamond cavityLee, JC; Aharonovich, I; Magyar, AP; Rol, F; Hu, EL
Jan-2014Coupling Paper-Based Microfluidics and Lab on a Chip Technologies for Confirmatory Analysis of Trinitro Aromatic ExplosivesPesenti, A; Taudte, RV; McCord, B; Doble, PA; Blanes, L; Roux, CP
Jan-2004The courage to care: nurses facing the moral extreme.Ben-Sefer, EJ
Jan-2005Cournot oligopolies with product differentiation under uncertaintyChiarella, C; Szidarovszky, F
Jan-2007A Course Recommender System Using Multiple Criteria Decision Making MethodLe Roux, F; Ranjeet, E; Ghai, V; Gao, Y; Lu, J; Li, T; Xu, Y; Ruan, D
2016Court-Authorised Sterilisation and Human Rights: Inequality, Discrimination and Violence Against Women and Girls with Disability?Steele, LR
3-Oct-2016Courthouse Design Principles to Dignify Spaces for Indigenous Users: Preliminary ObservationsAnthony, T; Grant, E
Jan-2006Covalently Linked Ferrocenyl Quinones Proton-dependent Redox Behavior And Charge RedistributionColbran, SB; Lee, S; Lonnon, D; Maharaj, F; McDonagh, AM; Walker, K; Young, RC
12-Sep-2012Covariance data comparisons between alternate range finding systems - LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) Type 1 and Camera laser Type 2de la Villefromoy, M
12-Jul-2016Coverage analysis of heterogeneous cellular networks in urban areasYang, B; Mao, G; Ge, X; Chen, HH; Han, T; Zhang, X
12-Mar-2007Coverage in WLAN: Optimization Model and AlgorithmMammadov, M; Kruger, A; Rubinov, A; Kouhbor, S; Ugon, J
2-Aug-2015Coverage of 'Human Factors' in project management literatureSankaran, S; FeldBrugge, K; Pasian, B; Wilby, J
Jan-2009Covering the environmental issues and global warming in Delta land: A study of three newspapersDas, J; Bacon, W; Zaman, A
2016A coveted possession : the piano in Australia since 1788Atherton, Michael Jeffrey
2013Cowboy, cataloguer, methodist, magician, and master : gestalts of analysis and designBox, I