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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2007Displacement and shifting geographies in the noir fiction by Cesare BattistiMikula, MH
Jan-2007Displacement and shifting geographies in the noir fiction of Cesare BattistiMikula, MH; Siyi, G; Xiaohan, H; Haiyue, G
Jan-2003Displacement Based Route Update Strategies for Proactive Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad Hoc NetworksAbolhasan, M; Wysocki, T; NA
Jan-2008Displacement of epifauna from seagrass blades by boat wakeBishop, M
Jan-2011Displacement-based finite element formulations for material-nonlinear analysis of composite beams and treatment of locking behaviourErkmen, E; Attard, M
2011Displacing Androcracy: Cosmopolitan Partnerships in Bapsi Sidhwa's WaterMercanti, S
Jan-2011Displacing Androcracy: Cosmopolitan Partnerships in Bapsi Sidhwa's WaterMercanti, S
Jan-2007Disrupted relationships: adult daughters and father absenceEast, L; Jackson, DE; O'Brien, L
Jan-2010Disrupted Sense Of Self: Young Women And Sexually Transmitted InfectionsEast, L; Jackson, DE; Peters, K; O'Brien, L
1-Aug-2016Disrupting the Aged Care Business ModelNusem, E; Wrigley, C; Matthews, J; De Fillippi, R; Wilstrom, P
2-Oct-2015Disruption in water quality patterns along the river continuum by a large bottom release damWesthorpe, DP; Mitrovic, SM; Growns, IO; Hadwen, WL; Rees, GN
15-Oct-2013A disruption recovery model in a production-inventory system with demand uncertainty and process reliabilityPaul, SK; Sarker, R; Essam, D
Jan-2007Disruptive or Compliant? The impact of two educational technologies on pedagogy.Schuck, SR; Kearney, MD; Montgomery, C; Seale, J
Jan-2004Disruptive technologies: what future universities and their librariesLafferty, S; Edwards, J
Jan-2007Dissecting Group Identity in MMOsPisan, Y; Fishwich, P; Lok, B
Jan-2002Dissecting the random component of utilityLouviere, JJ; Street, D; Carson, R; Ainslie, A; Deshazo, JR; Cameron, TA; Hensher, D; Kohn, R; Marley, AA
Jan-2006Dissemination of innovations: a case studyAlexander, SA; Markauskaite, L; Goodyear, P; Reimann, P
Jan-2011Dissemination of multiple drug resistance genes by class 1 integrons in Klebsiella pneumoniae isolates from four countries: a comparative studyRoy Chowdhury, P; Ingold, A; Vanegas-Gomez, N; Martinez Diaz, ME; Merlino, J; Merkier, AK; Castro, M; Rocha, GG; Borthagaray, G; Centron, D; Toledo, HB; Marquez, CM; Stokes, H
Jan-2005Dissemination, adoption and adaptation of project innovations in higher educationMcKenzie, JA; Alexander, SA; Harper, C; Anderson, S
2014Dissent in High Court Revenue Decisions: Changing Jurisprudence and the Incidence of DissentFisher, RK