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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012Creep and Shrinkage Analysis of Curved Composite Beams Including the Effects of Partial InteractionLiu, X; Erkmen, E; Bradford, MA; Topping, BHV
Jan-2012Creep And Shrinkage Analysis Of Curved Composite Beams With Partial InteractionLiu, X; Erkmen, E; Bradford, MA
Jan-2013Creep and shrinkage of high-strength self-compacting concrete: experimental and analytical analysisAslani, F; Maia, L
Jan-2013Creep and Shrinkage of Self-Compacting Concrete with and without FibersAslani, F; Nejadi, S
Jan-2012Creep and Shrinkage Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC) Analytical ModelsAslani, F; Nejadi, S
2002Cricketing ChancesCohen, G; Cohen G; Langtry T
2011Crime as a Display of Marginalization in Contemporary Ukrainian SocietyOleinikova, O
Jan-2004The Crime BoomMacallan, H; Goodall, J
Jan-2011Crime Victims and Sentencing: Reflections on BorthwickBooth, T
2011The criminal act of commercial surrogacy in Australia: A call for reviewStuhmcke, A
Jan-2011The Criminal Act Of Commercial Surrogacy In Australia: A Call For ReviewStuhmcke, AG
Jan-2011Criminal JusticeBehrendt, LY; Cadzow, AJ; Deborah Barnes
Jan-2007Criminal Justice and Transgressions on Northern Cattle StationsAnthony, T; Macfarlene, I; Hannah, M
Jan-2011Criminal Justice in China - An Empirical InquiryMcConville, M; Choong, S; Choy Dick Wan, P; Chui Wing Hong, E; Dobinson, IR; Jones, C
31-Mar-2011The Criminal Justice Response to Slavery and People Trafficking; Reparation; and Vulnerable Witness ProtectionBurn, JM; Simmons, F
2017Criminalisation of the Illicit trade in cultural propertyVrdoljak, AF; Geismar, H; Anderson, J
12-Jun-2017The Criminalisation of the Intentional Destruction of Cultural HeritageVrdoljak, AF; Orlando, M; Bergen, T
1-Sep-2017Criminalising institutional failures to prevent, identify or react to child sexual abuseCrofts, P
2010A criminalistic approach to biological evidence : trace DNA and volume crime offencesRaymond, JJ
Jan-2012Crimson Primary SchoolKenney, SM; Vaughan, K; Burridge, N; Whalen, F; Vaughan, K