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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Feb-2017Agents and Managers: Keys to Success in EntertainmentHolland, G; Butler, D; Holland, G
Jan-2005An agents establishes trust with equitable information revelationDebenham, JK; Simoff, SJ; N/A
Jan-2002Agents for Industry Process ManagementDebenham, JK; Hameurlain, A; Cicchetti, R; Traunmuller, R
Jan-2006Agents for information-rich environmentsDebenham, JK; Simoff, SJ
Jan-2007Agents for Multi-Issue NegotiationDebenham, JK; Potter, M; Roth, K; Neidig, J; Reed, S; Boyer, M
2002An Agents Perspective of a Team in a Dynamic WorldGoyal, M; NA
Jan-2005Agents, Information and TrustDebenham, JK; Sierra, C; Zhang, S; Jarvis, R
Jan-2013Agglomerated Oral Dosage Forms of Artemisinin/ß-Cyclodextrin Spray-Dried Primary Microparticles Showing Increased Dissolution Rate and BioavailabilityBalducci, AG; Magosso, E; Colombo, G; Sonvico, F; Abdul Karim Khan, N; Yuen, KH; Bettini, R; Colombo, P; Rossi, A
Jan-2009Agglomerates Containing Pantoprazole Microparticles: Modulating The Drug ReleaseRaffin, R; Colombo, P; Sonvico, F; Rossi, A; Jornada, D; Pohlmann, A; Guterres, S
Aug-2015Agglomeration behaviour of titanium dioxide nanoparticles in river waters: A multi-method approach combining light scattering and field-flow fractionation techniques.Chekli, L; Roy, M; Tijing, LD; Donner, E; Lombi, E; Shon, HK
Jan-2009An Aggregate Ensemble for Mining Concept Drifting Data Streams with NoiseZhang, P; Zhu, X; Shi, Y; Wu, X
Apr-2014Aggregating case reports: a way for the future of evidence-based health care?Jackson, D; Daly, J; Saltman, DC
May-2011Aggregating single patient (n-of-1) trials in populations where recruitment and retention was difficult: the case of palliative care.Nikles, J; Mitchell, GK; Schluter, P; Good, P; Hardy, J; Rowett, D; Shelby-James, T; Vohra, S; Currow, D
Jan-2012An aggregation-based approach to quality evaluation of graph drawingsHuang, T; Lin, C; Huang, M; Qu, H; Chen, W; Cox, PT; Liu, S
Jan-2007Agile adoption and improvement modelGill, AQ; Henderson-Sellers, B; McBride, TM; Rodenes, M; Hackney, R
2016An agile enterprise architecture driven approach to enhance communication in geographically distributed agile developmentAlzoubi, Yehia Ibrahim Ali
1-Jan-2015An agile enterprise architecture driven model for geographically distributed agile developmentAlzoubi, YI; Gill, AQ
2016An Agile Enterprise Architecture-Driven Model for Geographically Distributed Agile DevelopmentAlzoubi, Y; Gill, A; Vogel, D; Guo, X; Linger, H; Barry, C; Lang, M; Schneider, C
Jun-2014Agile Global Software Development Communication Challenges: A Systematic ReviewAlzoubi, YI; Gill, AQ; Siau, K; Li, Q; Guo, X
Jan-2009Agile method fragments and construction validationTran, Q; Henderson-Sellers, B; Hawryszkiewycz, IT; Syed, MR; Syed, SN