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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2003Ageing well for the over 65's.Chenoweth, L; Sheriff, JN
Jan-2008Ageing Well in the Over 45s: Using a Health Check LogSheriff, JN; Chenoweth, L
1-Jan-2015Ageing Well with CSCWLight, A; Leong, T; Robertson, T; Boulus-Rødje, N; Ellingsen, G; Bratteteig, T; Aanestad, M; Bjørn, P
Jan-2006Agency and the network franchise system: collaboration and dissonanceDenize, SM; Baker, E; Kan, MM; Young, LC; Avlonitis, GJ; Papavassiliou, N; Papastathopoulou, P
2014Agency Work and Agency Workers - Employee Representation in Germany and SingaporeMitlacher, L; Waring, P; Burgess, J; Connell, JA
2017Agency, learning and knowledge work: epistemic dilemmas in professional practicesHopwood, N; Goller, M; Paloniemi, S
Jan-2013Agency, RedirectedFinney, TL; Reinmuth, G; Ramirez-Lovering, D; Alexander, J; Fairley, A
Jan-2008Agency-Client Relationship Factors Across Life-Cycle StagesFam, K; Waller, DS
Jan-2012An agenda for green information retrieval researchChowdhury, GG
Jan-2007An agenda for mathematics education in the decade of education for sustainable developmentYasukawa, K
Jan-2008An Agent Architecture for an Uncertain WorldDebenham, JK; Sierra, C; Jain, L; Gini, M; Faltings, BB; Terano, T; Zhang, C; Cercone, N; Cao, L
Jan-2003Agent Architecture to Support Collaborative ProcessesHawryszkiewycz, IT; Catarci, T; Mecella, M; Mylopoulos, J; Orlowska, ME
1-Dec-2011An agent based architecture for cognitive spectrum managementAhmed, A; Mubashir Hassan, M; Sohaib, O; Hussain, W; Qasim Khan, M
Jan-2004Agent Based Hybrid Intelligent SystemsZhang, Z; Zhang, C
Jan-2002An Agent Based Middleware for Uniform Operation in a Heterogeneous Database EnvironmentLi, C; Zhang, C; Zhang, Z; Wang, L; Tan, K; Furuhashi, T; Kim, JH; Yao, X
Jan-2008Agent Collaboration for Multiple Trading Strategy IntegrationCao, L; Luo, D; Xiao, Y; Zheng, Z; Nguyen, NT; Jo, GS; Howlett, RJ; Jain, L
Jan-2010An Agent for Ecological DeliberationDebenham, JK; Sierra, C; Goebel, R; Siekmann, JR; WolfgangWahlster; Setchi, R; Jordanov, I; Howlett, RJ; Jain, LC
Jan-2005An agent for emergent process managementDebenham, JK; Chen, CS; Filipe, J; Seruca, I; Cordeiro
Jan-2001An agent for web-based process managementDebenham, JK; Titsworth, F
Jan-2005An Agent Framework for Learning SystemsHawryszkiewycz, IT; Uskov, V