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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Duelling realities: Conspiracy theories vs climate science in regional newspaper coverage of Ian Plimer's book, Heaven and EarthMcKewon, E
Jan-2010Duffie-Singleton ModelSchlogl, L; Schlogl, E; al, RCE
Jan-2012The Duke of Windsor and the creation of the "soft look"McNeil, PK; Mears, P
Jan-2004Dumb PlacesSchlunke, K
Jan-2010Duplicate-Insensitive Order Statistics Computation over Data StreamsZhang, Y; Lin, X; Yuan, Y; Kitsuregawa, M; Zhou, X; Yu, JX
Jan-2005Durability Considerations for FRP-Strengthened RC Structures in the Australian EnvironmentSmith, ST; Kaul, R; Sri Ravindrarajah, R; Otoom, O; Stewart, MG; Dockrill, B
Jan-2012Duration-dependent response of pre-cooling for intermittent-sprint exercise in the heat.Minett, G; Duffield, R; Marino, FE; Portus, MP
-Durational Book: Chapter 1Sadokierski, ZA; Caines, C; Lorber-Kasunic, J; Heyward, ME; ISEA2013, AC
Jan-2007Dust projects: on Walter Benjamin's Passagen-Werk and some contemporary dusty makings in architectureStoppani, T
Jan-2007Dust revolutions. Dust, informe, architecture (notes for a reading of Dust in Bataille)Stoppani, T
Jan-2009The duties of in-house counsel: The bold, the bright and the blurred?Evers, M; Harris, J
Jan-2004DWDM-RAM: A Data Intensive Grid Service Architecture Enabled by Dynamic Optical NetworksHoang, DB; Lavian, T; Figueira, S; Mambretti, J; Naiksatam, S; Cohen, H; Cutrell, D; Travostino, F; Beckman, P
Jan-2004DWDM-RAM: An Architecture for Data Intensive Services Enabled by Next Generation Dynamic Optical NetworksHoang, DB; Lavian, T; Figueira, S; Mambretti, J; Monga, I; Naiksatam, S; Cohen, H; Cutrell, D; Travostino, F; Rappaport, T
Jan-2004Dwell time and function failure in percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tubes: a prospective randomized-controlled comparison between silicon polymer and polyurethane percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tubesBlacka, J; Donoghue, JM; Sutherland, M; Martinolich, I; Mitten-Lewis, S; Morris, P; Meredith, G
Jan-2009Dworkin v Fish : Theoretical Premise of Awarding Damages for Psychiatric Illness in England and AustraliaMuthu, Y
Oct-2015Dying in the hospital setting: A systematic review of quantitative studies identifying the elements of end-of-life care that patients and their families rank as being most important.Virdun, C; Luckett, T; Davidson, PM; Phillips, J
2013Dying in the margins : understanding the needs and capacities of a lower socioeconomic population for end of life careLewis, JM
Jul-2011Dying in the margins: understanding palliative care and socioeconomic deprivation in the developed worldLewis, J; DiGiacomo, M; Currow, D; Davidson, PM
Jan-2008Dying in the New CountryWyndham, MM; Allatson, P; McCormack, J
Jan-2003Dying in the New CountryWyndham, MM