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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012Dead Reckoning Navigation with Constant Velocity Update (CUPT)Li, Y; Wang, J; Xiao, S; Luo, X; etc, DW
Jan-1998Deadlock Prediction And Avoidance For Zone-Control AGVSYeh, MS; Yeh, W
Jan-1998Deadlock Prediction And Avoidance For Zone-Control AGVSYeh, MS; Yeh, W
2017Dealing with controversial findingsAppleby, RJ; McKinley, J; Rose, H
Jan-2007Dealing with Depression: Australia's Advertising Industry in the 1930sCrawford, R
Jan-2009Dealing with Difference: Building Culturally Responsive ClassroomsBurridge, N; Buchanan, JD; Chodkiewicz, AK; Jakubowicz a
Jan-2004Dealing with inconsistent secure messagesChen, Q; Zhang, S; Zhang, C; Guesgen, H; Yeap, W
Jan-2013Dealing with peer-review: What is reasonable and what is not?Cleary, M; Walter, G; Jackson, DE; Daly, J
6-Oct-2014Dealing with registration issues on the PPSRHarris, J; Mirzai, N
Jan-2009Dealing with the Tail: Remedial Tutorials for Second-year Electrical-engineering StudentsRowe, G; Smaill, C; Godfrey, E; Carter, L; Guillemin, B; Andrews, M; Abdulla, W; Kestell, DC; Grainger, DS; Cheung, PJ
Jan-2009Dealing With Uncertainty And Fuzziness In Intelligent SystemsChen, G; Ying, M; Liu, Y
2010The death and life of the real-time city : re-imagining the city of digital urbanismBarns, S
Jan-2010Death By Inertia - Native Title in the Twenty-First CenturyWatson, N; Andrew Gunstone
Jan-2012The death of social media in start-up companies and the rise of s-commerce: Convergence of e-commerce, complexity and social mediaSood, SC
Jan-2005The Death of the Concerned Intellectual?Feng, C
Jan-2011Death without Life: Grievability and IVFEllison, D; Karpin, IA
12-Dec-2016Deaths in Custody: 25 years after the royal commission, we've gone backwardsAnthony, T; Watson, J
6-Dec-2015Debate Activity as an Effective Interactive Learning Approach for Civil Engineering StudentsFatahi, B; Khabbaz, H; Ho, L; Littlefair, G; Oo, A
Jan-2012A Debate Dashboard to Enhance Online Knowledge Sharing.Iandoli, L; Quinto, I; De Liddo, A; Buckingham Shum, S
2-Nov-2015Debate: Rejoinder to Sansom (2015)Drew, J; Dollery, B