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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2001E-business under Finnacial Services ReformkAdams, MA
1-Jan-2016E-commerce development risk evaluation using MCDM techniquesAlharbi, S; Naderpour, M
Jan-2004E-Commerce Environments as 3D Electronic InstitutionsBogdanovych, A; Berger, H; Simoff, SJ; Sierra, C; Karmakar, N; Pedro, I
Jan-2003E-Education: Implications for Knowledge transfer via Global Co-operative educationLawrence, EM; Szewcow, U; Felix Navarro, KM; Constantinou, C; Zacharia, Z
Jan-2014E-electioneering 2007-2013: Trends in online political campaigns over three electionsMacnamara, J; Kenning, G
Jan-2011E-electioneering 2010: Trends in social media use in Australian political communicationMacnamara, J; Kenning, G
Jan-2008E-Electioneering: Use of new media in the 2007 Australian federal electionMacnamara, J; Tilley, E
Jan-2012E-electoral engagement: How governments are using social media to try to engage/re-engage votersMacnamara, J; Sakinofsky, PC; Beattie, JA
Jan-2014E-governance for efficient management to reduce corruption:An ICT driven paradigmChandran, D; Arabnia, HR
Jan-2006E-government in AustraliaBurgess, S; Houghton, JM; Hernon, P; Cullen, R; Relyea, HC
Jan-2001E-learning developments and experiencesAlexander, SA
Jan-2013E-learning in Developing Countries:A Case StudyChandran, D; Soliman, KS
Jan-2006e-Learning Support for LIS Education in UKChowdhury, GG; Chowdhury, S; McAllister, G
2011E-Learning: Closing the Digital Gap Between Developed and Developing CountriesAli, A; Hussain, W; Ahmed, A
Jan-2006E-MACSC A novel dynamic cache tuning technique to reduce information retrieval roundtrip time over the InternetWu, R; Wong, AK; Dillon, TS
Jan-2004E-Macsc: A Novel Dynamic Cache Tuning Technique to Maintain the hit ratio prescribes by the user in internet applicationsWu, R; Wong, AK; Dillon, TS; Ascenso, J; Luminita, V; Berlo, C; Filipe, J
Jan-2006An e-Market Framework for Informed TradingDebenham, JK; Simoff, SJ; Carr, L; De ROwe, D; Iyengar, A
Jan-2007An E-Market Framework to Determine the Strength of Business Relationships between Intelligent AgentsIslam, KS; Christen, P; Kennedy, PJ; Li, J; Kolyshkina, I; Williams, GJ
Jan-2008E-Novation: An offbeat view of innovation, e-marketing and a new collaborative information platformPattinson, HM; Low, D; Spanjaard, D; Denize, S; Sharma, N
Jan-2011e-NSP: efficient negative sequential pattern mining based on identified positive patterns without database rescanningDong, X; Zheng, Z; Cao, L; Zhao, Y; Zhang, C; Li, J; Wei, W; Ou, Y; Berendt, B; Vries, AD; Fan, W; Macdonald, C; Ounis, I; Ruthven, I