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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Aug-2013Aerosol self-assembly of nanoparticle films: Growth dynamics and resulting 3D structureNasiri, N; Tobias, DE; Qin, Q; Tricoli, A
Jan-1999Aerotaxis in DesulfovibrioEschemann, A; Kuhl, M; Cypionka, H
Jan-2008Aesthetic and Auditory Enhancements for Multistream Information SonificationSong, H; Beilharz, KA; n/a
Jan-2011Aesthetic of Angular Resolution for Node-Link Diagrams: Validation and AlgorithmHuang, T; Huang, M; Lin, C; Costagliola, G; Ko, AJ; Cypher, A; Nichols, J; Scaffidi, C; Kelleher, C; Myers, BA
2002The Aesthetic of precision in virtual designLoveday, T; Durling, D., Shackleton, J
20-Feb-2017The aesthetic pleasure in design scale: The development of a scale to measure aesthetic pleasure for designed artifactsBlijlevens, J; Thurgood, C; Hekkert, P; Chen, LL; Leder, H; Whitfield, TWA
Jan-2009Aesthetic Sonification Toolkit for Real-time Interaction with DataBeilharz, KA; Ferguson, S; Darren Garvey
2012The aesthetic system of entertainmentMcKee, A; McKee, A; Collis, C; Hamley, B
2002Aesthetics and hyper/aesthetics : rethinking the senses in contemporary media contextsSwalwell, ML
Jan-2008The aesthetics of environmental performance - a pedagogical approach to architectural designThomas, LE; Gu, N; Gul, LF; Ostwald, MJ; Williams, A
Jan-2009Affect Is Central To Patient Safety: The Horror Stories Of Young AnaesthetistsIedema, RA; Jorm, C; Lum, ME
Jan-2005Affect Recognition from Face and Body: Early Fusion vs. Late FusionGunes, H; Piccardi, M; Jamshidi, M; Anderson, G; Tuntsel, R
Jan-2011Affect-ing discourse: Towards an embodied discourse analyticsPoynton, C; Lee, A
4-May-2014Affective ColourPerin, G; Matthews, LM
31-Oct-2014Affective facial expression processing via simulation: A probabilistic modelVitale, J; Williams, M-A; Johnston, B; Boccignone, G
Jan-2004Affective issues in mathematics educationSchuck, SR; Grootenboer, P; Perry, B; Anthony, G; Diezmann, C
Jan-2008Affective literacy for TESOL teachers in ChinaCole, DR; Ying Yang, G
1-Jan-2017Affective politics in gendered organizations: Affirmative notes on becoming-womanPullen, A; Rhodes, C; Thanem, T
2008The Affects of Practices of Governance and Leadership on Capabilities and Performance of AlliancesSchweitzer, J; Gudergan
Jan-2003Affectual trust in the workplaceYoung, LC; Daniel, K