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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Nov-2016Drought rapidly diminishes the large net CO2 uptake in 2011 over semi-arid AustraliaMa, XUANLONG; Huete, ALFREDO; Cleverly, JAMES; Eamus, DEREK; Chevallier, F; Joiner, J; Poulter, B; Zhang, Y; Guanter, L; Meyer, W; Xie, ZUNYI; Ponce-Campos, G
16-Mar-2016Droughts and flooding rains: it takes three oceans to explain Australia's wild 21st-century weatherCleverly, JR; Eamus, D
Jan-2010Drug Burden Index and Potentially Inappropriate Medications in Community-Dwelling Older People The Impact of Home Medicines ReviewCastelino, R; Hilmer, SN; Bajorek, B; Nishtala, P; Chen, T
Jan-2001Drug Resistance Does Not Correlate with Resistance to Fas-Mediated ApoptosisCullen, KV; Davey, RA; Davey, MW
Jan-2001The Drug Resistance Proteins, Multidrug Resistance-Associated Protein and P-Glycoprotein, Do not Confer Resistance to Fas-Induced Cell DeathCullen, KV; Davey, RA; Davey, MW
Jan-2011Drug Supply, Self Administration and Manslaughter: An Australian PerspectiveDobinson, IR
Jan-2013Drugs in SportBonfiglioli, C
Jan-2009Drugs, sex, money and power: An HPV vaccine case studyHaas, MR; Ashton, T; Blum, K; Christiansen, T; Conis, E; Crivelli, L; Lim, M; Lisac, M; MacAdam, M; Schlette, S
1997Drugs, sport and the law : legal solutions and the need for an international arbitral court : an Australian perspectiveKavanagh, TM
Jan-2005Drusilla Modjeska (1946-)Glover, BJ; Jo Malin
2016Dry powder nasal drug delivery: challenges, opportunities and a study of the commercial Teijin Puvlizer Rhinocort device and formulationPozzoli, M; Rogueda, P; Zhu, B; Smith, T; Young, PM; Traini, D; Sonvico, F
Jan-2000Dry Season Conditions Determine Wet Season Water Use In The Wet-Dry Tropical Savannas Of Northern AustraliaEamus, D; O'Grady, AP; Hutley, LB
1-Jan-2014Dry sliding wear behaviour of full pearlite obtained by cladding low carbon steel to hypoeutectoid steelGao, XJ; Jiang, ZY; Wei, DB; Kosasih, BY; Jiao, SH; Chen, DF
Nov-2016Dry thermophilic semi-continuous anaerobic digestion of food waste: Performance evaluation, modified Gompertz model analysis, and energy balanceNguyen, DD; Chang, SW; Jeong, SY; Jeung, J; Kim, S; Guo, W; Ngo, HH
Jan-2012A dry-core-wet-rim hydration pattern in protein binding interfacesLi, Z; He, Y; Wong, L; Li, J
Jan-2010Drying shrinkage of hydrothermally cured cements with reactive magnesia and clay brick wasteLiu, B; Ray, AS; Thomas, P; Sorensen, EV; Thygesen, HM
Jan-2007DSC Characterisation Of Chemically Reduced Electrolytic Manganese DioxideLiu, B; Thomas, P; Ray, AS; Williams, RP; Donne, S
Jan-2003DSC characterisation of compression moulded PEEK-PTFE plaquesThomas, P; Stuart, BH
Jan-2005A DSC study of the effect of lead pigments on the drying of cold pressed linseed oilWhite, RE; Thomas, P; Phillips, M; Wuhrer, R
Jan-2007DSLAM: Decoupled Localization and Mapping for Autonomous RobotsWang, Z; Huang, S; Dissanayake, G; N/A