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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008The aesthetics of environmental performance - a pedagogical approach to architectural designThomas, LE; Gu, N; Gul, LF; Ostwald, MJ; Williams, A
Jan-2009Affect Is Central To Patient Safety: The Horror Stories Of Young AnaesthetistsIedema, RA; Jorm, C; Lum, ME
Jan-2005Affect Recognition from Face and Body: Early Fusion vs. Late FusionGunes, H; Piccardi, M; Jamshidi, M; Anderson, G; Tuntsel, R
Jan-2011Affect-ing discourse: Towards an embodied discourse analyticsPoynton, C; Lee, A
4-May-2014Affective ColourPerin, G; Matthews, LM
31-Oct-2014Affective facial expression processing via simulation: A probabilistic modelVitale, J; Williams, M-A; Johnston, B; Boccignone, G
Jan-2004Affective issues in mathematics educationSchuck, SR; Grootenboer, P; Perry, B; Anthony, G; Diezmann, C
Jan-2008Affective literacy for TESOL teachers in ChinaCole, DR; Ying Yang, G
1-Jan-2017Affective politics in gendered organizations: Affirmative notes on becoming-womanPullen, A; Rhodes, C; Thanem, T
2008The Affects of Practices of Governance and Leadership on Capabilities and Performance of AlliancesSchweitzer, J; Gudergan
Jan-2003Affectual trust in the workplaceYoung, LC; Daniel, K
2015Affiliating in crisis : a linguistic perspective on community formation on Twitter after the nuclear accident in Japan in 2011Inako, Ayumi
2014The affine nature of aggregate wealth dynamicsPlaten, E
Jan-2006Affine Precoding And Decoding Mimo Frequency-Selective Fading Channel For Estimation And Source DetectionTran, NN; Pham, DH; Hoang, TD; NA
Jan-2006The Affinity of a Major Ca2+ Binding Site on GRP78 Is Differentially Enhanced by ADP and ATPLamb, HK; Mee, C; Xu, W; Liu, L; Blond, S; Cooper, A; Charles, IG; Hawkins, AR
Jan-2007Affordable Housing in Iowa: meeting new challengesMacDonald, HI
Jan-2007Affordance and Affect in Promotional WebsitesLeung, E; Underwood, J; Toleman, M; Cater-Steel, A; Roberts, D
4-Dec-2014Affordance-Map : A Map for Context-Aware Path Planning.Piyathilaka, JM; Kodagoda
2016Affordance-map : learning hidden human context in 3D scenes through virtual human modelsPiyathilaka, Jayaweera Mudiyanselage Lasitha Chandana
30-Nov-2016Afghanistan: Military Occupation and EthnocracyGoodman, J; Razi, W