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Jan-1980Interpreting the Likelihood Ratio Statistic in Factor Models When Sample Size is SmallGeweke, J; Singleton, K
Jan-1980Seismic ray theory of lithospheric structures with slight lateral variationsMoore, BJ
1981Kuring-gai College of Advanced Education Calendar - 1981Kuring-gai College of Advanced Education
1981Determination of rainfall/runoff model parametersGoyen, Allan Gregory
Jan-1981Finite Element Program ResultsPhuoc, HB; Tanner, RI
Jan-1981The short run demand for transaction balances in AustraliaPagan, AR; Volker, P
Jan-1981Language and PhysicsLogan, PF
Jan-1981The market characteristics of failed companies: Extensions and further evidenceCastagna, A; Matolcsy, ZP
Jan-1981The prediction of corporate failure: Testing the Australian experienceCastagna, A; Matolcsy, ZP
Jan-1981Self And Peer Marking In An Undergraduate Engineering CourseBoud, DJ; Holmes, W
Jan-1981The Approximate Slopes of Econometric TestsGeweke, J
Jan-1981Maximum Likelihood 'Confirmatory' Factor Analysis of Economic Time SeriesGeweke, J; Singleton, K
Jan-1981Estimating Regression Models of Finite but Unknown OrderGeweke, J; Meese, R
Jan-1981Complementation Analysis in Pseudomonas aeruginosa of the Transfer Genes of the Wide Host Range R Plasmid RI8Stokes, H; Moore, RJ; Krishnapillai, V
Jan-1981Latent Variable Models for Time Series: A Frequency Domain Approach with an Application to the Permanent Income HypothesisGeweke, J; Singleton, K
Jan-1981Combined use of the chemitrode with osmotic minipumps for experimental brain researchGirgis, M; Kent, JC; Kohlhardt, S; Rasko, J; Stobo, P
Jan-1981Identification and quantitation of tumour cells in cell suspensions: a comparison of cytology and flow cytometryPerez, DJ; Taylor, IW; Milthorpe, BK; McGovern, VJ; Tattersall, MH
Jan-1981The LIML and related estimators of an equation with moving average disturbancesHall, T; Pagan, AR
Jan-1981A Comparison of Tests of the Independence of Two Covariance Stationary Time SeriesGeweke, J
1-Jan-1981Ray propagation through slightly heterogeneous elastic mediaMoore, BJ