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Jan-1985What will take the con out of econometrics?McAleer, M; Pagan, AR; Volker, P
Jan-1985Statistical-analysis Of Disease Onset And Lifetime Data From Tumorigenicity ExperimentsLagakos, S; Ryan, LM
Jan-1985Weighted normal plotsDempster, AP; Ryan, LM
Jan-1985On the representativeness assumption in prevalence tests of carcinogenicityLagakos, SW; Ryan, LM
Jan-1985Analysis of field experiments by least-squares smoothingGreen, PJ; Jennison, C; Seheult, A
Jan-1985Resistance To Chloramphenicol In Proteus-Mirabilis By Expression Of A Chromosomal Gene For Chloramphenicol AcetyltransferaseCharles, IG; Harford, S; Brookfield, J; Shaw, W
Jan-1985Nucleotide-Sequence Encoding The Biosynthetic Dehydroquinase Function Of The Penta-Functional Arom Locus Of Aspergillus-NidulansCharles, IG; Keyte, J; Brammar, W; Hawkins, A
Jan-1985Nucleotide-Sequence Analysis Of The Cat Gene Of Proteus-Mirabilis - Comparison With The Type-I (Tn9) Cat GeneCharles, IG; Keyte, J; Shaw, W
Jan-1985Efficiency of age adjusted tests in animal carcinogenicity experimentsRyan, LM
1986Kuring-gai College of Advanced Education Calendar - 1986Kuring-gai College of Advanced Education
Jan-1986Perfect foresight models and the dynamic instability problem from a higher viewpointChiarella, C
Jan-1986Turgor And Fungal Growth - Studies On Water Relations Of Mycelia Of Serpula-Lacrimans And Phallus-ImpudicusEamus, D; Jennings, D
Jan-198635 GHz Phase-locked Gunn Source Based On Current Hump Phase DetectionBraun, RM; Downing, B
Jan-1986An example of diabetes compartment modelingChiarella, C; Shannon, AG
Jan-1986Effect of cold shock and cooling rate on calcium uptake of ram spermatozoaSimpson, AM; White, IG
Jan-1986Isolation And Computer-Aided Characterization Of Mmei, A Type-Ii Restriction Endonuclease From Methylophilus-MethylotrophusBoyd, AJ; Charles, IG; Keyte, J; Brammar, W
Jan-1986The isolation and nucleotide sequence of the complex AROM locus of Aspergilus nidulansCharles, IG; Keyte, JW; Brammar, WJ; Smith, M; Hawkins, AR
Jan-1986Separation of Soil-Plant Spectral Mixtures by Factor AnalysisHuete, A
1987Kuring-gai College of Advanced Education Calendar - 1987Kuring-gai College of Advanced Education
1987The cost of methadone maintenance services: a comparison of between public clinics and private practitioner programsBaldwin, RJ