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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2007B And H Sensors For 3-D Magnetic Property TestingLin, Z; Zhu, J; Guo, Y; Zhong, J; Lu, H
Jan-2012B-cell epitope prediction through a graph modelZhao, L; Wong, L; Lu, L; Hoi, SC; Li, J
Jan-2012B-cell epitope prediction through a graph modelZhao, L; Wong, L; Lu, L; Hoi, SC; Li, J
Jan-2013B-H Relations of Magnetorheological Fluid under 2-D Rotating Magnetic Field ExcitationGuo, Y; Zeng, J; Zhu, J; Lu, H; Jin, J; Jin Jianxun
Jan-2013B-lymphopoiesis Is Stopped By Mobilizing Doses Of G-CSF And Is Rescued By Overexpression Of The Anti-apoptotic Protein Bcl2Winkler, I; Bendall, LJ; Forristal, C; Helwani, F; Nowlan, B; Barbier, V; Shen, Y; Cisterne, A; Sedger, LM; Levesque, J
Jan-2011b2-Agonist Induced cAMP Is Decreased in Asthmatic Airway Smooth Muscle Due to Increased PDE4DTrian, T; Burgess, JK; Niimi, K; Moir, LM; Ge, Q; Berger, P; Liggett, SB; Black, JL; Oliver, BG
1-Sep-2016The B2B Knowledge GapLilien, GL
Jan-2009B2B services: Linking service loyalty and brand equityRauyruen, PY; Miller, K; Groth, M
Jan-2013Babies on planes: Whose rights and responsibilitiesSmall, J; Harris, C; Fountain, J; Moore, K
Sep-2017The Bacillus subtilis germinant receptor GerA triggers premature germination in response to morphological defects during sporulation.Ramírez-Guadiana, FH; Meeske, AJ; Wang, X; Rodrigues, CDA; Rudner, DZ
Jan-2005Bacillus subtilis YabA is involved in determining the timing and synchrony of replication initiationHayashi, M; Ogura, Y; Harry, L; Ogasawara, N; Moriya, S
-Back and ForthHughes, NA; Brisbane, MG; QAGOMA; Brisbane
1-Jan-2015Back in the USSR: Introducing Recursive Contingency Into Institutional TheoryDeroy, X; Clegg, S
Jan-2009Back pain amongst 8,910 young Australian women: a longitudinal analysis of the use of conventional providers, complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) practitioners and self-prescribed CAMSibbritt, D; Adams, J
Oct-2012Back pain amongst mid-age Australian women: A longitudinal analysis of provider use and self-prescription treatments.Broom, A; Kirby, E; Sibbritt, D; Adams, J; Refshauge, K
Dec-2015Back pain sufferers' attitudes toward consultations with CAM practitioners and self- prescribed CAM products: A study of a nationally representative sample of 1310 Australian women aged 60-65 yearsMurthy, V; Sibbritt, D; Broom, A; Kirby, E; Frawley, J; Refshauge, KM; Adams, J
2015Back to Results Design and development of bio-inspired flapping wing aerial vehiclesZhang, T; Zhou, C; Su, SW
Jan-2013Back To The BarricadesCox, E; SAMANTHA TRENOWETH
Jan-2010Back to the Future for Indigenous AustraliaBehrendt, LY; Dyrenfurth, N; Soutphommasane, T
Jan-2012Back to the future: heritage Buildings, sustainability and adaptation in the Melbourne Central Business DistrictWilkinson, SJ