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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2011Yarra Valley Water: Learning and change for sustainabilityCrittenden, PM; Benn, SH; Dunphy, DC; Benn, S; Dunphy, D; Perrott, B
Jan-2008A Year On The RoadCaines, C
Jan-2014Year patterns of climate impacts on wheat yieldsYu, Q; Li, L; Luo, Q; Eamus, D; Xu, S; Chen, C; Wang, E; Liu, J; Nielsen, DC
Jan-2007Yeast pyruvate decarboxylases: variation in biocatalytic characteristics for (R)-phenylacetylcarbinol production.Gunawan, C; Satianegara, G; Chen, AK; Breuer, M; Hauer, B; Rogers, PL; Rosche, B
Jan-2011'Yeoseong Munjeeui Jedowhawa Jubyunwha'(Institutionalisation and Marginalisation of Women's issues in Australia)Jung, K; Lee, H; Moon, K
Jan-2006Yield management and recognition programs - how do they influence travellers' choices?Mathies, C; Louviere, JJ; Gudergan, S; Avlonitis, GJ; Papavassiliou, N; Papastathopoulou, P
Jan-2010Yield management: Applicability to educational services sectorScerri, M; Agarwal, R; Zhao, X; Zhu, G; Flynn, B
30-Sep-2016Yoga for abdominal obese women – a randomized controlled trialCramer, H; Thoms, MS; Anheyer, D; Lauche, R; Dobos, G
22-Aug-2016Yoga for metabolic syndrome: A systematic review and meta-analysisCramer, H; Langhorst, J; Dobos, G; Lauche, R
1-Mar-2016Yoga for regulating emotion in high school adolescentsLee, H
Jan-2008You are what you wear: The Ideal and Real Consumer/UserLeung, LT; Goldstein, S; Linda Leung
Jan-2001You Can Lead a Horse to Water - Introducing On-Line EducationTaylor, L
Jan-2005You can't be neutral on a moving bus: Critical pedagogy as community praxisMartin, G
Jan-2013You Eat What You Are: Identity Via Cannibalistic Food Ethics In Ying Chen's Le MangeurRobert, JL
Jan-2006'You find yourself': Perceptions of nursing students from non-English-speaking backgrounds of the effect of an intensive language support program on their oral clinical communication skillsRogan, F; San Miguel, CL; Brown, DM; Milton-Wildey, KK
Jan-2008You Make Me Feel Like A Woman: Therapeutic Cultures and the Contagion of FemininitySwan, E
Jan-2008'You Should Be Ashamed': Abortion Stories on the RadioAroney, EE
Jan-2011You won't know if you don't ask: discrepancy and ambivalence in attitudes toward behavior changeEverett, B; DiGiacomo, M; Rolley, JX; Salamonson, Y; Davidson, PM
2009"You'll never walk alone" : the use of brand equity frameworks to explore the team identification of the 'satellite supporter'Kerr, AK
Jan-2007The Young and the Reckless: Message (In)Effectiveness about the Physical Consequences of Motor-Vehicle Accidents for Young Inexperienced DriversBurke, PF; Greenacre, LM; Thyne, M; Deans, K; Gnoth, J