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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012Are there symptom differences in patients with coronary artery disease presenting to the ED ultimately diagnosed with or without ACS?Pelter, MM; Riegel, B; McKinley, SM; Moser, D; Doering, L; Meischke, H; Davidson, PM; Baker, H; Yang, W; Dracup, K
Jan-2011Delays In Presentation With Acute Coronary Syndrome In People With Coronary Artery Disease In Australia And New ZealandMcKinley, SM; Aitken, LM; Marshall, AP; Buckley, T; Baker, H; Davidson, PM; Dracup, K
Jan-2012The impact on anxiety and perceived control of a short one-on-one nursing intervention designed to decrease treatment seeking delay in people with coronary heart diseaseMoser, D; McKinley, SM; Riegel, B; Doering, L; Meischke, H; Pelter, MM; Davidson, PM; Baker, H; Dracup, K
Jan-2010Persistent Comorbid Symptoms Of Depression And Anxiety Predict Mortality In Heart DiseaseDoering, L; Moser, D; Riegel, BJ; McKinley, SM; Davidson, PM; Baker, H; Meischke, H; Dracup, K
Jan-2009A randomized clinical trial to reduce patient prehospital delay to treatment in acute coronary syndromeDracup, K; McKinley, SM; Riegel, BJ; Moser, D; Meischke, H; Doering, L; Davidson, PM; Paul, SM; Baker, H; Pelter, M
Jan-2011Relationship of Persistent Symptoms of Anxiety to Morbidity and Mortality Outcomes in Patients With Coronary Heart DiseaseMoser, D; McKinley, SM; Riegel, BJ; Doering, L; Meischke, H; Pelter, M; Davidson, PM; Baker, H; Dracup, K
Jan-2011Who listens to our advice? A secondary analysis of data from a clinical trial testing an intervention designed to decrease delay in seeking treatment for acute coronary syndromeRiegel, B; Elmi, A; Moser, D; McKinley, SM; Meischke, H; Doering, L; Davidson, PM; Pelter, M; Baker, H; Dracup, K