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Aug-2015Amyloid β: one of three danger-associated molecules that are secondary inducers of the proinflammatory cytokines that mediate Alzheimer's disease.Clark, IA; Vissel, B
Jan-2016Excess cerebral TNF causing glutamate excitotoxicity rationalizes treatment of neurodegenerative diseases and neurogenic pain by anti-TNF agents.Clark, IA; Vissel, B
18-Sep-2014Inconsistencies and controversies surrounding the amyloid hypothesis of Alzheimer's disease.Morris, GP; Clark, IA; Vissel, B
21-Mar-2014Inflammation-sleep interface in brain disease: TNF, insulin, orexin.Clark, IA; Vissel, B
Jul-2017The meteorology of cytokine storms, and the clinical usefulness of this knowledge.Clark, IA; Vissel, B
Oct-2013Microglia: a new frontier for synaptic plasticity, learning and memory, and neurodegenerative disease research.Morris, GP; Clark, IA; Zinn, R; Vissel, B
1-Apr-2013Neuroinflammation and neuronal loss precede Aβ plaque deposition in the hAPP-J20 mouse model of Alzheimer's disease.Wright, AL; Zinn, R; Hohensinn, B; Konen, LM; Beynon, SB; Tan, RP; Clark, IA; Abdipranoto, A; Vissel, B
Jan-2015A Neurologist's Guide to TNF Biology and to the Principles behind the Therapeutic Removal of Excess TNF in Disease.Clark, IA; Vissel, B
Jan-2011TNF and leptin tell essentially the same story in Alzheimer's disease.Clark, IA; Alleva, LM; Vissel, B
Oct-2013Treatment implications of the altered cytokine-insulin axis in neurodegenerative disease.Clark, IA; Vissel, B