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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2005An attitude based cooperative negotiation model in a hostile multi-agent worldGoyal, ML
Jan-2007An attitude based modeling of agents in coalitionGoyal, ML; JorgeCardoso; Cordeiro, J; Filipe, J
Jan-2009An Attitude Based Muti-agent Problem Solving in a Hostile WorldGoyal, ML
Jan-2005Attitude based teams in a hostile dynamic worldGoyal, ML
2004Attitude Cycle for Problem Solving Teams in A Dynamic WorldGoyal, ML
Jan-2010Automated Fuzzy Bidding Strategy for Continuous Double Auctions Using Trading Agent's Attitude and Market CompetitionGoyal, ML; Kaushik, S; Kaur, P
Jan-2010Automated Fuzzy Bidding Strategy Using Agent's Attitude and Market CompetitionGoyal, ML; Kaushik, S; Kaur, P; Bai, Q; Fukuta, NE
Jan-2009Automated Fuzzy Bidding Strategy Using Agent's Attitude and Market CompetitionGoyal, ML; Kaushik, S; Quan Bai
Jan-2004A Co-operative Negotiation Model in a Hostile Dynamic WorldGoyal, ML; Arabnia, R; Mun, Y
12-Jul-2011Data Mining Driven agents for Predicting Online Auction's End PriceKaur, P; Goyal, ML; Lu, J; Bernadette Bouchon-Meunier
Jan-2006Decision making in multi agent coalitionsin a dynamic hostile worldGoyal, ML; Mukhopadhyay, S
Jan-2008Decision Making in Multi-Issue e-Market Auction Using Fuzzy AttitudesGoyal, ML; Lu, J; Zhang, G
Jan-2008A Decision Support System for Fuzzy Bilevel Decision MakingGao, Y; Zhang, G; Lu, J; Goyal, ML; Ruan, D; Montero, J; Lu, J; Martínez, L; D'hondt, P; Kerre, EE
Jan-2010Designing a Successful Bidding Strategy using Fuzzy Sets and Agent AttitudesMa, J; Goyal, ML; JingTao
Jan-2011Development of Agent-Based Intelligent Tutoring System for Teaching Object-Oriented Programming ConceptsGoyal, ML; Callos, N; Carrasquero, J; Oropeza, A; Tremante, A; Welsch, F
Jan-2011Dimension Reduction of Microarray Data Based on Local Principal ComponentAnaissi, A; Kennedy, PJ; Goyal, ML; Vaninsky, A; Grecos, C; Mahanti, PK
Jan-2011An Elastic Multi-tenant Database Schema for Software as a ServiceYaish, HM; Goyal, ML; Feuerlicht, G; Juan Guerrero
Jan-2014Evaluating the Performance of Multi-tenant Elastic Extension TablesYaish, HM; Goyal, ML; Feuerlicht, JG
Jan-2011Feature Selection of Imbalanced Gene Expression Microarray DataAnaissi, A; Kennedy, PJ; Goyal, ML; Chowdhury, M; Ray, S; Lee, R
Jan-2010A framework for high dimensional data reduction in the microarray domainAnaissi, A; Kennedy, PJ; Goyal, ML; Nagar, AK; Thamburaj, R; Li, K; Tang, Z; Li, R