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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2010`A Bit of a Grope': Gender, Sex and Racial Boundaries in Transitional East TimorAppleby, RJ
2017Dealing with controversial findingsAppleby, RJ; McKinley, J; Rose, H
Jan-2009Do we make a difference? Gender and English language teaching in international developmentAppleby, RJ; Chen, H; Cruickshank, K
Jan-2007Getting together in new ways: hybrid academic and professional texts in Humanities and EngineeringAppleby, RJ; Griffiths, N; Elizabeth Gray
Jan-2008Growing a research culture in language, literacy and communicationsAppleby, RJ; Van Rij-Heyligers, J
Jan-2009Jane goes to Timor: How time, space and place shape English language teaching in international developmentAppleby, RJ; Somerville, M; Power, K; de Carteret, P
3-Nov-2015Julia Gillard: A Murderous RageAppleby, RJ; Wilson, J; Boxer, D
Jan-2006Mobilising and disabling the desire for empowerment: English and the transition to independence in East TimorAppleby, RJ
Jan-2004The political context of English language teaching in East TimorAppleby, RJ
24-Apr-2015Seeing 'language and development' play out in classroom interactionAppleby, RJ; Markee, N
Jan-2013Singleness, Marriage, and the Construction of Heterosexual Masculinities: Australian Men Teaching English in JapanAppleby, RJ
2015Textual representations and transformations in teacher masculinityAppleby, RJ; Mills, S; Mustapha, AS
Jan-2009Unruly Others: Language Teachers and the Policing of Gender in International DevelopmentAppleby, RJ