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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Mainstreaming Culture: Integrating the Cultural Dimension into Local GovernmentAshton, P; Boaden, S; Ashton, P; Gibson, C; Gibson, R
30-Nov-2016Marketing the Past: Advertising as HistoryCrawford, R; Ashton, P; Clark, A; Crawford, R
2014New Contexts in Australian Public History: Australia's Institutionalised and IncarceratedAshton, P; Wilson, J; Ashton, P; Wilson, J
Jan-2013The New MillenniumAshton, P; Ashton, P; Blackmore, K; Scorrano, A
Jan-2001On Not Belonging: Memorials and Memory in sydneyAshton, P; Hamilton, PI
1-Dec-2016Once Upon a Time: Australian Writers on Using the PastClark, A; Clark, AH; Ashton, P; Crawford, R
30-Nov-2016Out of the Past: Making HistoriesCrawford, R; Ashton, P; clark, A; crawford, R
1-Dec-2016Out of the Past: Making HistoriesClark, AH; Ashton, P; Crawford, R; Ashton, P; Clark, A; CRawford, R
Jan-2013The Perfect Garden: The Politics and Passion of the Suburban OasisDonovan, KE; Hamilton, P; Ashton, P
Jan-2013A Place for Everyone: Constructing 1920s Suburban SydneyAshton, P; Hamilton, P; Ashton, P
Jan-2012Places of the Heart: Memorials in AustraliaAshton, P; Hamilton, PI; Searby, RE
Jan-2008Places of the Heart: Memorials, Public History and the State in Australia Since 1960Ashton, P; Hamilton, PI
Jan-2013Public historyAshton, P; Clark, A; Ashton, P
Jan-2013Reinventing Manly: A Suburb on the Margins of a World CityAnderson, TK; Hamilton, P; Ashton, P
Jan-2013Remembering the Suburban Sensory Landscape in BalmainHamilton, PI; Hamilton, P; Ashton, P
Jan-2008Renewing the New Order?: Public History in IndonesiaAshton, P; Brahmantyo, K; Keaney, J
1-Jan-1999Repatriation homes: Matraville Garden village for disabled soldiers and war widowsAshton, P
Jan-2013Rethinking Australian HistoryAshton, P; Clark, AH; Clark, A; Ashton, P
Jan-2013Road, River and RailCaines, C; Hamilton, P; Ashton, P
2015Servicing growth in established SME creative industries businesses: Evidence from the Creative Industries Innovation Centre's client-businesses and Business AdvisersAndersen, LJ; Andersen, LJ; Ashton, P; Colley, L