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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-01Factors Associated with Research in Management in Australian Commerce and Business FacultiesMacGregor, R; Rix, M; Aylward, DK; Glynn, J
2007-01Fault Lines: Emerging domains of inertia within the Australian wine industryAylward, DK
2005-01Global Landscapes: A Speculative Assessment of Emerging Organizational Structures within the International Wine IndustryAylward, DK
2006-01Global Pipelines: profiling successful SME exporters within the Australian wine industryAylward, DK
2007-01Innovation and Inertia: the emerging dislocation of imperitives within the Australian wine industryAylward, DK
2006-01Innovation lock-in: unlocking research and development path dependency in the Australian wine industryAylward, DK
2004-01Innovation-Export Linkages within Different Cluster Models: A Case Study from the Australian Wine IndustryAylward, DK
2013-01Liquid Desire: A Map of Wine Drinking in SydneyAylward, DK; Hamilton, P; Ashton, P
2010-01Moving from creative to cultural industries: the case of the Australian wine sectorAylward, DK
2003-01New Wine in Old Bottles: A Case Study of Innovation Territories in "New World" Wine ProductionAylward, DK; Turpin, T
2011-01Pursuing the creative: new pathways in the 'economy of wine'Aylward, DK
2008-01Reconfigured domains: alternative pathways for the international wine industryAylward, DK; Zanko, M
2006-01SME innovation within the Australian wine industry: A Cluster analysisAylward, DK; Glynn, J
2008-01Towards a Cultural Economy Paradigm for the Australian Wine IndustryAylward, DK
2004-01Working together: innovation and export links within highly developed and embryonic wine clustersAylward, DK