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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008Emotion Talk across CorporaBednarek, MA
Jan-2007Enjoy! The (phraseological) culture of having funBednarek, MA; Bublitz, W; Skandera Paul
Jan-2006Epistemological positioning and evidentiality in English news discourse: a text-driven approachBednarek, MA
Jan-2006Evaluating Europe - Parameters of evaluation in the British pressBednarek, MA; Leung, C; Jenkins, J
Jan-2006Evaluation in Media DiscourseBednarek, MA
Jan-2005Frames revisited: the coherence-inducing function of framesBednarek, MA
Jan-2006'He's nice but Tim': contrast in British newspaper discourseBednarek, MA; Danielsson, P; Wagenmakers, M
Jan-2008An increasingly familiar tragedy: evaluative collocation and conflationBednarek, MA
Jan-2009Language Patterns And AttitudeBednarek, MA
Jan-2007Local grammar and register variation: explorations in broadsheet and tabloid newspaper discourseBednarek, MA
Jan-2004Nur im begrenzten Rahmen: Frames im WörterbuchBednarek, MA; Bublitz, W; Herbst; Th; Lorenz, G; Mittmann, B; Schnell, M
Jan-2008Semantic preference and semantic prosody re-examinedBednarek, MA
Jan-2006Subjectivity and cognition. Inscribing, evoking and provoking opinionBednarek, MA; Pishwa Hanna
Jan-2008Teaching English literature and linguistics using corpus stylistic methodsBednarek, MA; Cloran, C; Zappavigna, M
Jan-2008'What the hell is wrong with you?' A corpus perspective on evaluation and emotion in contemporary American pop cultureBednarek, MA; Mahboob, A; Knight, N
Jan-2008Zur Diskussion feministischer Themen im Englischunterricht am Beispiel von Liedtexten von Alanis MorissetteBednarek, MA