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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013The Evolution of a Coopeative Approach to Government Travel Advisories in Australia between the Travel Industry and the Australian depertment of Foreign Affairs and TradeBeirman, D; NA
10-Dec-2018Going Travelling: Don't Forget insurance and Read the Fine PrintBeirman, D
1-Sep-2016Guest editorial – Gabrielle Walters and David BeirmanWalters, G; Beirman, D
15-Feb-2017The Impact of the Death of Thailand's King Bhumibol on Tourism Marketing of ThailandBeirman, D
7-Feb-2018The Impact of the October 2017 Las Vegas Massacre on Global Approaches to Hotel SecurityBeirman, D
Jan-2014The Impact of Volcanic Ash Clouds in 2010 and 2011 on Global Tourism Mobility and Emergency Intermodal Transferability Transport PolicyBeirman, D; Monica Chien, P
1-Jul-2011The integration of emergency management and tourismBeirman, D
1-Jan-2002Marketing of tourism destinations during a prolonged crisis: Israel and the Middle EastBeirman, D
1-Jan-2017Marketing the middle east in times of political instability - The case of JordanWalters, G; Beirman, D
2-Oct-2018Nepal tourism in the aftermath of the April/May 2015 earthquake and aftershocks: repercussions, recovery and the rise of new tourism sectorsBeirman, D; Upadhayaya, PK; Pradhananga, P; Darcy, S
22-Jun-2015The PATA Nepal Tourism Rapid Recovery Taskforce Report and RecommendationsBeirman, D; Van Walbeek, B; Jones, A
2015Positioning Okinawa as a Safe Tourism Destination: A destination Recovery Strategy in Response to the March 201 Japan Earthquake and TsunamiBeirman, D
25-Oct-2017Restoring Tourism Destinations in CrisisBeirman, D
17-Jun-2016Risk, Crisis and Recovery Management Guide for Tourism, Hospitality, Event Businesses and Associations in AustraliaBeirman, D
2-Jan-2016Safety and security in tourism – recovery marketing after crisesBeirman, D
Jan-2014Saving Face and Promoting Tourism Safety in South East AsiaBeirman, D
2-Oct-2017Socially sustainable ethnic tourism: a comparative study of two Hakka communities in ChinaZhuang, L; Taylor, T; Beirman, D; Darcy, S
1-Jan-2018Thailand's approach to destination resilience: An historical perspective of tourism resilience from 2002 to 2018Beirman, D
1-Aug-2018Tourism Crisis and Safety ManagementBeirman, D; Cooper, C; Volo, S; Gartner, W; Scott, N
14-Jun-2017Tourism Crisis ManagementBeirman, D