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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2006Fertility Trends and the Housing MarketSmall, GR; Runeson, G; Best, R
Jan-2006Fertility Trends and the Housing MarketSmall, GR; Runeson, G; Best, R
Jan-2006Foreign investment in the Australian property market since 1980Karantonis, AC; Runeson, G; Best, R
Jan-2006Future Paths for Construction EconomicsDe Valence, G; Runeson, G; Best, R
Jan-2006Has the Residential Tenancies Act 1987 met its objectives and is there a need for minimum lease terms to be included in the Act?Antoniades, H; Mangioni, V; Runeson, G; Best, R
Jan-2002How Buildings come to be the way they areHarfield, S; Best, R; de Valence, G
Jan-2006A knowledge management strategy for the construction organisations and the computer model designed for supporting itWang, CC; Runeson, G; Best, R
Jan-2006Managing Knowledge in Construction Projects: Examining the Contribution of Communities of PracticeRemington, K; Ragsdell, G; Runeson, G; Best, R
Jan-2011The Potential Impacts of the 'Green' Building Movement on Commercial Property Valuation and Associated University CurriculaVan der Kallen, PA; Best, R; Langston, C
Jan-2011Project procurement as a marketDe Valence, G; Best, R; Langston, C
Jan-2006The Reality of Research: Multiple expectations on the contemporary university serving the construction sector (keynote address)Boydell, S; Runeson, G; Best, R
Jan-2011Regulatory Theory Applications Underpinning the National Licensing System for Educational Requirements in Property LicensingAntoniades, H; Best, R; Langston, C
Jan-2006Tacit Knowledge Management in Construction Industry by Using a Collaborative SoftwareXue, D; Wang, CC; Runeson, G; Best, R
Jan-2006Towards sustainable construction - Implementing sustainability education at university levelDing, GK; Runeson, G; Best, R