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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Mar-2011Modelling with agentsArgente, E; Beydoun, G; Fuentes-Fernández, R; Henderson-Sellers, B; Low, G
1-Jan-2011Modelling with AgentsArgente, E; Beydoun, G; Fuentes-Fernandez, R; Henderson-Sellers, B; Low, G; Gleizes, MP; GomezSanz, JJ
1-Feb-2019Next generation smart manufacturing and service systems using big data analyticsShukla, N; Tiwari, MK; Beydoun, G
3-Aug-2017Ontological Learner Profile Identification for Cold Start Problem in Micro Learning Resources DeliverySun, G; Cui, T; Shen, J; Xu, D; Beydoun, G; Chen, S
1-Jan-2018Ontology in software engineeringPileggi, SF; Lopez-Lorca, AA; Beydoun, G
1-Dec-2011Ontology-mediated validation of software modelsLopez-Lorca, AA; Beydoun, G; Sterling, L; Miller, T
1-Jan-2017Organizing online computation for adaptive micro open education resource recommendationSun, G; Cui, T; Beydoun, G; Chen, S; Xu, D; Shen, J
1-Oct-2011Outbound logistics exception monitoring: A multi-perspective ontologies' approach with intelligent agentsXu, D; Wijesooriya, C; Wang, YG; Beydoun, G
1-Dec-2005Preliminary basis for an ontology-based methodological approach for multi-agent systemsBeydoun, G; Tran, N; Low, G; Henderson-Sellers, B
11-Jan-2017Profiling and Supporting Adaptive Micro Learning on Open Education ResourcesSun, G; Cui, T; Beydoun, G; Shen, J; Chen, S
1-Jan-2013Providing metrics and automatic enhancement for hierarchical taxonomiesBeydoun, G; García-Sánchez, F; Vincent-Torres, CM; Lopez-Lorca, AA; Martínez-Béjar, R
1-Jan-2014Real-time task attributes and temporal constraintsAshamalla, A; Beydoun, G; Paramesh, N
1-Oct-2014Requirements elicitation and specification using the agent paradigm: The case study of an aircraft turnaround simulatorMiller, T; Lu, B; Sterling, L; Beydoun, G; Taveter, K
1-Apr-2018Reusing empirical knowledge during cloud computing adoptionFahmideh, M; Beydoun, G
1-Jan-2018A review of information privacy laws and standards for secure digital ecosystemsAnwar, MJ; Gill, AQ; Beydoun, G
1-Jan-2018SBAR: A framework to support learning path adaptation in mobile learningMuhammad, A; Shen, J; Beydoun, G; Xu, D
1-Jan-2018SBAR: A framework to support learning path adaptation in mobile learningMuhammad, A; Shen, J; Beydoun, G; Xu, D
1-May-2009A security-aware metamodel for multi-agent systems (MAS)Beydoun, G; Low, G; Mouratidis, H; Henderson-Sellers, B
1-Apr-2013Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) adoption challengesBeydoun, G; Xu, D; Sugumaran, V
1-Apr-2013Suitability assessment framework of agent-based software architecturesBeydoun, G; Low, G; Bogg, P