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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2019Big data analytics architecture design—An application in manufacturing systemsFahmideh, M; Beydoun, G
1-Oct-2016Centering ontologies in agent oriented software engineering processesBeydoun, G; Low, G
1-Jul-2017Challenges in migrating legacy software systems to the cloud — an empirical studyGholami, MF; Daneshgar, F; Beydoun, G; Rabhi, F
1-Oct-2016Cloud migration process—A survey, evaluation framework, and open challengesGholami, MF; Daneshgar, F; Low, G; Beydoun, G
29-Sep-2011Comparison of bio-inspired algorithms for peer selection in services compositionShen, J; Beydoun, G; Yuan, S; Low, G
2016Conceptualising Cloud Migration ProcessGholami, M; Low, G; Beydoun, G
Jun-2017Constructing enhanced default theories incrementallyBeydoun, G; Hoffmann, A; Gill, A
-Customising Agent Based Analysis Towards Analysis of Disaster Management KnowledgeInan, DI; Beydoun, G; Opper, S
1-Oct-2018Developing a decision support system for Disaster Management: Case study of an Indonesia volcano eruptionInan, DI; Beydoun, G; Pradhan, B
1-Dec-2006Developing and evaluating a generic metamodel for MAS work productsBeydoun, G; Gonzalez-Perez, C; Henderson-Sellers, B; Low, G
1-Mar-2014Development and validation of a Disaster Management Metamodel (DMM)Othman, SH; Beydoun, G; Sugumaran, V
1-Aug-2011Development of a peer-to-peer information sharing system using ontologiesBeydoun, G; Low, G; Tran, N; Bogg, P
1-Jan-2017Disaster Knowledge Management Analysis Framework Utilizing Agent-Based Models: Design Science Research ApproachInan, DI; Beydoun, G
1-Aug-2018Disaster Management and Information Systems: Insights to Emerging ChallengesBeydoun, G; Dascalu, S; Dominey-Howes, D; Sheehan, A
1-Jan-2013DM model transformations frameworkOthman, SH; Beydoun, G; Clarke, R; Opper, S
1-Jan-2013Dynamic evaluation of the development process of knowledge-based information systemsBeydoun, G; Hoffmann, A
30-May-2018Employing the model based systems engineering methodologies to develop a domain specific language for contracting of infrastructure projectsShirvani, F; Perez, P; Campbell, P; Beydoun, G
26-Nov-2013Enhanced ant colony algorithm for cost-aware data-intensive service provisionWang, L; Shen, J; Beydoun, G
1-Jan-2012Evaluating disaster management knowledge model by using a frequency-based selection techniqueOthman, SH; Beydoun, G
12-Jul-2012Evaluating usage of WSMO and OWL-S in semantic web servicesKamaruddin, LA; Shen, J; Beydoun, G