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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-11-01New Magnetically Coupled Impedance (Z-) Source NetworksSiwakoti, YP; Blaabjerg, F; Loh, PC
2020New Semi-Quadratic High Step-Up DC/DC Converter for Renewable Energy ApplicationsHasanpour, S; Siwakoti, Y; Mostaan, A; Blaabjerg, F
2018-12-03A New Seven-Level Active Boost Neutral Point Clamped (7L-ABNPC) InverterSiwakoti, YP; Liese, S; Mahajan, A; Palanisamy, A; Rogers, D; Blaabjerg, F
2020-12-30New single-switch quadratic boost dc/dc converter with low voltage stress for renewable energy applicationsHasanpour, S; Siwakoti, Y; Blaabjerg, F
2018-02-09A new soft-switched high step-up DC-DC converter with dual coupled inductorsForouzesh, M; Shen, Y; Yari, K; Siwakoti, Y; Blaabjerg, F; Wang, H
2020A New Switched-Capacitor Five-Level Inverter Suitable for Transformerless Grid-Connected ApplicationsBarzegarkhoo, R; Siwakoti, Y; Blaabjerg, F
2018-12-03A New Three-Level Three-Phase Boost PWM Inverter for PV ApplicationsPalanisamy, A; Mahajaran, A; Liese, S; Siwakoti, Y; Long, T; Forati Kashani, O; Blaabjerg, F
2016-07-29A novel flying capacitor transformerless inverter for single-phase grid connected solar photovoltaic systemSiwakoti, YP; Blaabjerg, F
2017-05-17A novel quasi-SEPIC high-voltage boost DC-DC converterSiwakoti, YP; Soltani, M; Blaabjerg, F; Mostaan, A
2019-11-01A novel seven-level active neutral-point-clamped converter with reduced active switching devices and DC-link voltageSiwakoti, YP; Mahajan, A; Rogers, DJ; Blaabjerg, F
2020Optimal Voltage Regulator for Inverter Interfaced Distributed Generation Units Part: ApplicationEskandari, M; Blaabjerg, F; Li, L; Moradi, MH; Siano, P
2020Optimal Voltage Regulator for Inverter Interfaced Distributed Generation Units Part: Control SystemEskandari, M; Li, L; Moradi, MH; Siano, P; Blaabjerg, F
2016-01-01Quadratic boost A-source impedance networkSiwakoti, YP; Blaabjerg, F; Chub, A; Vinnikov, D
2015-10-27Quasi Y-source boost DC-DC converterSiwakoti, YP; Blaabjerg, F; Loh, PC
2015-12-01Quasi-Y-Source Boost DC-DC ConverterSiwakoti, YP; Blaabjerg, F; Loh, PC
2015-11-10Quasi-Y-source inverterSiwakoti, YP; Blaabjerg, F; Loh, PC
2018-07-03A review of internet of energy based building energy management systems: Issues and recommendationsHannan, MA; Faisal, M; Ker, PJ; Mun, LH; Parvin, K; Mahlia, TMI; Blaabjerg, F
2016-12-21S4 grid-connected single-phase transformerless inverter for PV applicationArdashir, JF; Siwakoti, YP; Sabahi, M; Hosseini, SH; Blaabjerg, F
2019-01-01Sensorless Control of Standalone Brushless Doubly Fed Induction Generator Feeding Unbalanced Loads in a Ship Shaft Power Generation SystemLiu, Y; Xu, W; Zhu, J; Blaabjerg, F
2017-05-17Sheppard-Taylor isolated high boost DC-DC converterChub, A; Siwakoti, Y; Vinnikov, D; Blaabjerg, F