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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2003“I don’t think I am a learner”: Acts of naming learners at workBoud, D; Solomon, N
17-Nov-2017Improving assessment tasks through addressing our unconscious limits to changeJoughin, G; Dawson, P; Boud, D
1-Feb-2006The in-between: Exposing everyday learning at workSolomon, N; Boud, D; Rooney, D
1-Mar-2011Influences on the formation of academics: The role of the doctorate and structured development opportunitiesBrew, A; Boud, D; Namgung, SU
1-Jan-2014Interprofessional learning at work: What spatial theory can tell us about workplace learning in an acute care wardGregory, LR; Hopwood, N; Boud, D
17-Nov-2017Investigating invisible writing practices in the engineering curriculum using practice architecturesGoldsmith, R; Willey, K; Boud, D
1-Sep-2003Learning from others at work: Communities of practice and informal learningBoud, D; Middleton, H
27-Feb-2012Learning in-between, across and beyond workplace boundariesJohnsson, MC; Boud, D; Solomon, N
10-Nov-2016Learning to teach as the development of practiceBoud, D; Brew, A
12-May-2017Navigating the demands of academic work to shape an academic jobBrew, A; Boud, D; Crawford, K; Lucas, L
1-Oct-2005'Peer learning' as pedagogic discourse for research educationBoud, D; Lee, A
19-Jan-2018The potential and paradox of informal learningBoud, D; Rooney, D
1-Jan-2018The potential and paradox of informal learning in the workplaceRooney, DL; Boud, D; Messman, M; Segers, M; Dochy, F
1-Dec-2009Re-making jobs: Enacting and learning work practicesPrice, OM; Scheeres, H; Boud, D
1-Mar-2012Re-thinking continuing professional development through changing metaphors and location in professional practicesBoud, D; Hager, P
1-Sep-2013Reconceptualising academic work as professional practice: implications for academic developmentBoud, D; Brew, A
1-Jul-2013Reflexive deliberation in international research collaboration: Minimising risk and maximising opportunityBrew, A; Boud, D; Lucas, L; Crawford, K
4-Jul-2018Refocusing portfolio assessment: Curating for feedback and portrayalClarke, JL; Boud, D
Jan-2007Reframing assessment as if learning were importantBoud, DJ; Boud, D; Falchikov, N
3-Jul-2018Reframing assessment research: through a practice perspectiveBoud, D; Dawson, P; Bearman, M; Bennett, S; Joughin, G; Molloy, E