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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Decoding success factors of Innovation CultureBurdon, SW; Kang, K; Mooney, G; Tavana, M
1-Jul-2012Developing a Management Enterprise Model for Sustainable Organisational Innovation PublicationBurdon, SW; Al-Kilidar, H; Courtney, N
31-May-2017The Essential Role Played by Boards in Harnessing Disruptive Technology for Organisational SuccessBurdon, SW
16-Sep-2016Exploring the role of organizational constraints on creative routines at ABC and BBC productionsBurdon, SW; Banerjee, A
21-Jun-2017How technology companies are revitalizing Management by Values for innovationFrawley, JK; Burdon, SW
11-Aug-2014How to Catch the Next Wave of the Digital RevolutionBurdon, SW; Burdon, S; Vuong Bienstock, L
13-Feb-2017How to Harness Disruptive Technology and Foster an Innovation CultureBurdon, SW
3-Aug-2017Moving Digital Transformation ForwardBurdon, SW; Pandza, K
22-Apr-2016Nature and spirit of exchange and interpersonal relationships fostering grassroots innovationsJoshi, R; Chelliah, J; Sood, S; Burdon, SW
6-Oct-2016The Socio-Political Antecedents of Technical InnovationAllen, G; Burdon, SW; Dovey, K
28-Feb-2014Summary of Research Findings From AIIA/UTS Innovation Online SurveyBurdon, SW; Burdon, S
10-Oct-2018Where Everybody Knows Your Name: Lessons in Innovation from the High-Tech SectorBurdon, SW; Mooney, G; Kang, K
11-Feb-2016Why and How Establishing an Innovation Culture is a Top Agenda Item for Global CEOsBurdon, SW
7-Aug-2015Why are Disruptive Technology and Innovation the top issues facing Australian CEOsBurdon, SW
5-Oct-2014Will Australia catch the next digital wave?Burdon, SW; Williams, R