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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-12-28Spun High Birefringence Bismuth/Erbium Co-Doped Photonic Crystal Fibre with Broadband Polarized EmissionLuo, Y; Chu, Y; Cook, K; Tafti, G; Wang, S; Wang, W; Tian, Y; Canning, J; Peng, GD
2016-10-01Step-index optical fiber drawn from 3D printed preformsCook, K; Balle, G; Canning, J; Chartier, L; Athanaze, T; Hossain, MA; Han, C; Comatti, JE; Luo, Y; Peng, GD
2018-03-01Structure formation dynamics in drawing silica photonic crystal fibresWang, W; Tafti, GF; Ding, M; Luo, Y; Tian, Y; Wang, S; Karpisz, T; Canning, J; Cook, K; Peng, GD
2011-01-01Structured optical fibres and the application of their linear and non-linear propertiesCanning, J
2011-01-17A study of regenerated gratings produced in germanosilicate fibers by high temperature annealingBandyopadhyay, S; Canning, J; Biswas, P; Stevenson, M; Dasgupta, K
2017-01-01Study of stress relaxation in UV regenerated fiber bragg gratingsLancry, M; Cook, K; Cao, J; Billotte, T; Poumellec, B; Canning, J
2012-02-20Surface treatment of silicate based glass: Base Piranha treatment versus 193nm laser processingCanning, J; Petermann, I; Cook, K
2013-01-01Temperature and strain characterization of regenerated gratingsWang, T; Shao, LY; Canning, J; Cook, K
2015-01-01Temperature and strain insensitive long period gratings (LPGs) in W fibre with post-annealingLiu, W; Canning, J; Cook, K; Martelli, C
2011-01-01Thermal regenerated type IIa fiber Bragg gratings for ultra-high temperature operationLindner, E; Canning, J; Chojetzki, C; Brückner, S; Becker, M; Rothhardt, M; Bartelt, H
2011-07-13Thermally regenerated fiber Bragg-grating in twin-air-hole microstructure fiber for high temperature pressure sensingChen, T; Chen, R; Jewart, C; Zhang, B; Canning, J; Cook, K; Chen, KP
2017-06-07Time-resolved and temperature tuneable measurements of fluorescent intensity using a smartphone fluorimeterHossain, MA; Canning, J; Yu, Z; Ast, S; Rutledge, PJ; Wong, JKH; Jamalipour, A; Crossley, MJ
2011-12-08Time-resolved plasma measurements in Ge-doped silica exposed to infrared femtosecond laserLancry, M; Groothoff, N; Poumellec, B; Guizard, S; Fedorov, N; Canning, J
2018Top up and top down: self-assembling and 3D printing custom photonic waveguides and components”, (KEYNOTE),Canning, J
2013-03-25Toward an ultra-broadband emission source based on the Bismuth and Erbium co-doped optical fiber and a single 830nm laser diode pumpZhang, J; Sathi, ZM; Luo, Y; Canning, J; Peng, GD
2013-12-15Ultra-high temperature chirped fiber Bragg gratings produced by gradient stretching of viscoelastic silicaGao, S; Canning, J; Cook, K
2013-11-01Ultrafast nanoporous silica formation driven by femtosecond laser irradiationLancry, M; Poumellec, B; Canning, J; Cook, K; Poulin, JC; Brisset, F
2015-08-20Ultrahigh-temperature regeneration of long period gratings (LPGs) in boron-codoped germanosilicate optical fibreLiu, W; Cook, K; Canning, J
2014-01-01Viscoelastic tuning of fibre Bragg gratings during regenerationCanning, J; Gao, S; Cook, K; Loubert, A; Lancry, M
2013-09-01Viscosity of silica optical fibres characterized using regenerated gratingsShao, LY; Canning, J; Wang, T; Cook, K; Tam, HY