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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2008F-trade 3.0: An agent-based integrated framework for Data mining experimentsMoemeng, P; Cao, L; Zhang, C
1-Dec-2007F-trade: An agent-mining symbiont for financial servicesCao, L; Zhang, C
1-Dec-2005The fish-eye visualization of foreign currency exchange data streamsLin, L; Cao, L; Zhang, C
24-May-2010Flexible frameworks for actionable knowledge discoveryCao, L; Zhao, Y; Zhang, H; Luo, D; Zhang, C; Park, EK
1-Dec-2013The foundation of fuzzy rule interchange in the Semantic WebWang, X; Chen, J; Cao, L; Meng, X
1-Jan-2006Fuzzy genetic algorithms for pairs miningCao, L; Luo, D; Zhang, C
2-Dec-2018Gamma-Poisson Dynamic Matrix Factorization Embedded with Metadata InfluenceDo, TDT; Cao, L
1-Dec-2005Genetic algorithms for robust optimization in financial applicationsLin, L; Cao, L; Zhang, C
22-Aug-2012Graph-based coupled behavior analysis: A case study on detecting collaborative manipulations in stock marketsSong, Y; Cao, L
3-Sep-2014A hybrid coupled k-nearest neighbor algorithm on imbalance dataLiu, C; Cao, L; Yu, PS
8-Apr-2014A Hybrid Image Retargeting Approach via Combining Seam Carving and Grid WarpingWu, L; Cao, L; Xu, M; Wang, J
Jan-2004Hybrid Strategy of Analysis and Control of Telecommunications FraudsCao, L; Luo, C; Luo, D; Zhang, C; Shi, F
1-Dec-2010i-Analyst: An agent-based distributed data mining platformMoemeng, C; Zhu, X; Cao, L; Jiahang, C
1-Jul-2013Identity tests for high dimensional data using RMTWang, C; Yang, J; Miao, B; Cao, L
1-Jun-2017Improving the quality of recommendations for users and items in the tail of distributionHu, L; Cao, L; Cao, J; Gu, Z; Xu, G; Wang, J
1-Sep-2010In-depth behavior understanding and use: The behavior informatics approachCao, L
12-Dec-2017Inferring Implicit Rules by Learning Explicit and Hidden Item DependencyWang, S; Cao, L
1-Jan-2008Integrating agent, service and organizational computingCao, L
29-Oct-2010Integrating workflow into agent-based distributed data mining systemsMoemeng, C; Zhu, X; Cao, L
1-Dec-2004Integration of business intelligence based on three-level ontology servicesCao, L; Luo, C; Luo, D; Zhang, C