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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2012Obtaining an optimal MAS configuration for agent-enhanced mining using constraint optimizationMoemeng, C; Wang, C; Cao, L
31-Oct-2013On discovering the correlated relationship between static and dynamic data in clinical gait analysisSong, Y; Zhang, J; Cao, L; Sangeux, M
1-Dec-2013On the convergence of some possibilistic clustering algorithmsZhou, J; Cao, L; Yang, N
1-Dec-2011One-class-based uncertain data stream learningLiu, B; Xiao, Y; Cao, L; Yu, PS
6-Jul-2006Ontological engineering in data warehousingCao, L; Ni, J; Luo, D
1-Dec-2004Ontology services-based information integration in mining telecom business intelligenceCao, L; Luo, C; Luo, D; Liu, L
1-Dec-2004Ontology transformation in multiple domainsCao, L; Luo, D; Luo, C; Liu, L
13-Dec-2006Ontology-based integration of business intelligenceCao, L; Zhang, C; Liu, J
Jan-2008Open Complex Intelligent Systems: Fundamentals, Concepts, Analysis, Design and ImplementationCao, L; Ruwei, D
Jan-2003Open Giant Intelligent Information Systems and Its Agent-Oriented Abstraction MechanismCao, L; Luo, C; Li, C; Zhang, C; Dai, RW; Unknown
1-Dec-2003Open Giant Intelligent Information Systems and Its Multiagent-Oriented System DesignCao, L; Li, C; Zhang, C; Dai, R
1-Dec-2013Optimal allocation of high dimensional assets through canonical vinesWei, W; Li, J; Cao, L; Sun, J; Liu, C; Li, M
1-Jan-2013Optimal feature selection for sparse linear discriminant analysis and its applications in gene expression dataWang, C; Cao, L; Miao, B
Jan-2005Organization-Oriented Analysis of Open Complex Agent SystemsCao, L; Zhang, C; Dai, R
1-Dec-2010Orientation distance-based discriminative feature extraction for multi-class classificationLiu, B; Xiao, Y; Cao, L; Yu, PS
Jan-2005The OSOAD Methodology for Open Complex Agent SystemsCao, L; Zhang, C; Dai, R
1-Jan-2016Outlier detection in complex categorical data by modelling the feature value couplingsPang, G; Cao, L; Chen, L
1-Dec-2008Outlier mining on multiple time series data in stock marketLuo, C; Zhao, Y; Cao, L; Ou, Y; Liu, L
1-Jan-2017PC Chairs' PrefaceKim, J; Shim, K; Cao, L; Lee, JG; Lin, X; Moon, YS
1-Jan-2017Perceiving the Next Choice with Comprehensive Transaction Embeddings for Online RecommendationWang, S; Hu, L; Cao, L