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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2014Rapid publication-ready MS-Word tables for one-way ANOVAAssaad, HI; Zhou, L; Carroll, RJ; Wu, G
1-Jan-2015Rapid publication-ready MS-Word tables for two-way ANOVAAssaad, HI; Hou, Y; Zhou, L; Carroll, RJ; Wu, G
15-Oct-2012Regression calibration with more surrogates than mismeasured variablesKipnis, V; Midthune, D; Freedman, LS; Carroll, RJ
2-Jan-2016RejoinderChatterjee, N; Chen, YH; Maas, P; Carroll, RJ
1-Jun-2019A robust and efficient approach to causal inference based on sparse sufficient dimension reductionMa, S; Zhu, L; Zhang, Z; Tsai, CL; Carroll, RJ
1-Jan-2013Robust estimation for homoscedastic regression in the secondary analysis of case-control dataWei, J; Carroll, RJ; Müller, UU; Keilegom, IV; Chatterjee, N
1-Jan-2013Selecting the number of principal components in functional dataLi, Y; Wang, N; Carroll, RJ
1-Dec-2011Semiparametric Bayesian analysis of gene-environment interactions with error in measurement of environmental covariates and missing genetic dataLobach, I; Mallick, B; Carroll, RJ
1-Sep-2019A semiparametric efficient estimator in case-control studies for gene–environment independent modelsLiang, L; Ma, Y; Carroll, RJ
1-Jan-2009Semiparametric regression during 2003–2007*Ruppert, D; Wand, MP; Carroll, RJ
2-Oct-2017A Semiparametric Single-Index Risk Score Across PopulationsMa, S; Ma, Y; Wang, Y; Kravitz, ES; Carroll, RJ
1-Jan-2017SiAM: A hybrid of single index models and additive modelsMa, S; Lian, H; Liang, H; Carroll, RJ
1-Jan-2015Significance tests for functional data with complex dependence structureStaicu, AM; Lahiri, SN; Carroll, RJ
30-Apr-2005Simple fitting of subject-specific curves for longitudinal dataDurbán, M; Harezlak, J; Wand, MP; Carroll, RJ
1-Jan-2012A simultaneous confidence band for sparse longitudinal regressionMa, S; Yang, L; Carroll, RJ
1-Jan-2015Sparse Regression by Projection and Sparse Discriminant AnalysisQi, X; Luo, R; Carroll, RJ; Zhao, H
1-Apr-2016Spatial measurement error and correction by spatial SIMEX in linear regression models when using predicted air pollution exposuresAlexeeff, SE; Carroll, RJ; Coull, B
1-Sep-2016Spatial regression with covariate measurement error: A semiparametric approachHuque, MH; Bondell, HD; Carroll, RJ; Ryan, LM
30-Nov-2015A statistical model for measurement error that incorporates variation over time in the target measure, with application to nutritional epidemiologyFreedman, LS; Midthune, D; Dodd, KW; Carroll, RJ; Kipnis, V
1-Mar-2012The strain-specific dynamics of Escherichia coli O157:H7 faecal shedding in cattle post inoculationGautam, R; Kulow, M; Döpfer, D; Kaspar, C; Gonzales, T; Pertzborn, KM; Carroll, RJ; Grant, W; Ivanek, R