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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-10Architectural Framework for Smart Micro-FactoryChiu C; Chaczko Z; Kale A
2017-11Assessment of a Multi-Agent RFID Platform for Industrial Logistic OperationsChiu C; Chaczko Z; Yu Z; Chaczko Z; Pichler F; Jiang F; Chiu C
2020Biomimetic Middleware Design Principles for IoT InfrastructuresChaczko Z; Klempous R; Rozenblit J; Adegbija T; Chiu C; Kluwak K; Smutnick C
2009Business Process Re-engineering in Saudi Arabia: A Survey of Understanding and Attitudes.Rahali E; Chaczko Z; Agbinya JI; Chiu C
2009-12-22Business Process Reengineering with the Zachman Framework and Holonic Architectural ModelChiu C; Chaczko Z; Rahali E
2012-01Collaborative Target Tracking for Laparoscopic Surgery Simulation utilizing Anticipatory SanetsChiu CC; Chaczko ZC; Chaczko Z; Braun R
2011-12Evolutionary Architectural Model of Middleware for Construction of an Intelligent Health SystemChiu C; Chaczko Z; Kohli A; Rahali AT
2020-01-01Manifold feature integration for micro-expression recognitionTakalkar MA; Xu M; Chaczko Z
2019-01-01Meta-heuristic task scheduling algorithm for computing cluster with 2D packing problem approachBożejko W; Chaczko Z; Nadybski P; Wodecki M
2012-01-01Multi-dimensional Representations of Laparoscopic Simulations for SANETsChiu C; Chaczko Z; MorenoDiaz R; Pichler F; QuesadaArencibia A
2012-01Steering a Swarm of Autonomous Sailing Vehicles implementing Biomimetic SANET MiddlewareChiu CC; Chaczko ZC; Chaczko Z; Braun R