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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2005An Analysis of the bias correction problem in simultaneous localization and mappingWijesoma, WS; Perera, L; Adams, MD; Challa, S; N/A
Jan-2006Augmented State Integreted Probabilistic Data Associating Smoothing for Automatic Track Initiation in ClutterChakravorty, R; Challa, S
Jan-2008Auto Calibration in Drift Aware Wireless Sensor Networks using The Interacting Multiple Model AlgorithmTakruri, MS; Challa, S; Chakravorty, R; Jaser Mahasneh
1-Jan-2010Bayesian fusion algorithm for inferring trust in wireless sensor networksMomani, M; Challa, S; Alhmouz, R
22-Sep-2008Can we trust trusted nodes in wireless sensor networks?Momani, M; Challa, S; Alhmouz, R
Jan-2009Data Fusion Techniques for Auto Calibration inWireless Sensor NetworksTakruri, MS; Challa, S; Yunis, R; IEEE
Jan-2008Distributed Recursive Algorithm for Auto Calibration in Drift Aware Wireless Sensor NetworksTakruri, MS; Aboura, K; Challa, S; Khaled Elleithy
Jan-2007Drift Aware Wireless Sensor NetworksTakruri, MS; Challa, S; N/A
Jan-2008Efficient Projection for Compressed SensingVo, N; Challa, S; Vo, D; Lee, S; IEEE
Jan-2007Estimating the Number of People in Buildings Using Visual InformationChalla, S; Aboura, K; Ravikanth, K; Deshpande, S; David Kershaw
Jan-2006A Fixed Lag IPDA Smoothing for Target Tracking in ClutterChakravorty, R; Musicki, D; Challa, S; Lynch, R
2004Fixed Lag Smoothing Technique for Track maintenance in clutterChakravorty, R; Challa, S
Jan-2006Fusion of disparate identity estimates for shared situation awareness in a network-centric environmentOxenham, M; Challa, S; Morelande, M
1-Dec-2008GTRSSN: Gaussian trust and reputation system for sensor networksMomani, M; Challa, S
Jan-2005IMM Estimator versus optimal estimator for hybrid systemsBar-Shalom, Y; Challa, S; Blom, HA
Apr-2010License plate localization based on a probabilistic modelAl-Hmouz, R; Challa, S
Jan-2005Manouvering target tracking in clutter using particle filtersMorelande, M; Challa, S
Jan-2007Modelling Trust In Wireless Sensor Networks from the Sensor Reliability ProspectiveMomani, M; Challa, S; Aboura, K; Sobh, T; Elleithy, K; Mahmood, A; Karim, M
1-Jan-2005A novel approach for electrical load forecasting using distributed sensor networksChalla, BP; Challa, S; Chakravorty, R; Deshpande, SK; Sharma, D
Jan-2008Online Drift Correction in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Spatio-Temporal ModelingTakruri, MS; Rajasegarar, S; Challa, S; Leckie, C; Palaniswami, MS; Wolfgang Koch