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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Nov-2012Optimization of fuzzy systems using group-based evolutionary algorithmChang, JY; Han, MF; Lin, CT
10-Nov-2011Quantification and recognition of parkinsonian gait from monocular video imaging using kernel-based principal component analysisChen, SW; Lin, SH; Liao, LD; Lai, HY; Pei, YC; Kuo, TS; Lin, CT; Chang, JY; Chen, YY; Lo, YC; Chen, SY; Wu, R; Tsang, S
28-Nov-2011Self-adjusting feature maps networkLin, CT; Li, DL; Chang, JY
26-Sep-2016Self-adjusting feature maps network and its applicationsLi, DL; Prasad, M; Lin, CT; Chang, JY
1-Jan-2014Simplified interval type-2 fuzzy neural networksLin, YY; Liao, SH; Chang, JY; Lin, CT
1-Mar-2017Soft-Boosted Self-Constructing Neural Fuzzy Inference NetworkPrasad, M; Lin, CT; Li, DL; Hong, CT; Ding, WP; Chang, JY
1-Sep-2013Study on adaptive least trimmed squares fuzzy neural networkLiao, SH; Han, MF; Chang, JY; Lin, CT
1-Jan-2014Training neural networks via simplified hybrid algorithm mixing Nelder–Mead and particle swarm optimization methodsLiao, SH; Hsieh, JG; Chang, JY; Lin, CT
1-Jun-2012Transcranial imaging of functional cerebral hemodynamic changes in single blood vessels using in vivo photoacoustic microscopyLiao, LD; Lin, CT; Shih, YYI; Duong, TQ; Lai, HY; Wang, PH; Wu, R; Tsang, S; Chang, JY; Li, ML; Chen, YY
1-Jan-2014A TSK-type-based self-evolving compensatory interval type-2 fuzzy neural network (TSCIT2FNN) and its applicationsLin, YY; Chang, JY; Lin, CT