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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Sharing the benefits of commercialisation of traditional knowledge: what are the key success factors?Joshi, R; Chelliah, J
31-Jan-2015Single or Multiple Organizational Identities: The Management Consultant’s DilemmaChelliah, J; D'Netto, B; Georges, S
25-Aug-2014Single or multiple organizational identities: the management consultant’s dilemmaChelliah, J; D'Netto, B; Georges, S
1-Mar-2018Social enterprise to social value chain: Indigenous entrepreneurship transforming the native food industry in AustraliaLogue, D; Pitsis, A; Pearce, S; Chelliah, J
Jan-2007Study of HRM strategies for empowering call centre staffChan, KM; Chelliah, J; Davis, D; Chapman, R
Jan-2011Surviving the next economic crisis: corporate entrepreneurship strategies in Thai automotive SMEsChelliah, J; Lekmat, L
Jan-2009Transnational Strategy of Australian Service Firms: Resource Management for Foreign Expansion.Yeung, ST; Chelliah, J; Fang, W
Jan-2012Understanding key impediments to small businesses in South Pacific island nations: a case of Fiji.Nair, R; Chelliah, J
Jan-2005Unfair dismissals in Australia: Does arbitration favour the employer or employee?Chelliah, J; Mukhi, SK; -
25-Aug-2006Unfair dismissals in Australia: Does arbitration help employees?Chelliah, J; D'Netto, B
28-Sep-2014What Are The Antecedents to Creating Sustainable Corporate Entrepreneurship in Thailand?Lekmat, L; Chelliah, J
Jan-2011What Clients Really Want from Management Consultants: Evidence from AustraliaChelliah, J; Davis, D
Jan-2013Why are Private Equity Firms Acquiring Chemical Distributors Worldwide?Bee, TK; Chelliah, J
1-Jan-2017Will artificial intelligence usurp white collar jobs?Chelliah, J