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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013A Time-Series-Based Technology Intelligence Framework by Trend Prediction FunctionalityChen, H; Zhang, G; Lu, J; Patrick Kellenberger
1-Feb-2016Topic analysis and forecasting for science, technology and innovation: Methodology with a case study focusing on big data researchZhang, Y; Zhang, G; Chen, H; Porter, AL; Zhu, D; Lu, J
20-Mar-2017Topic-based technological forecasting based on patent data: A case study of Australian patents from 2000 to 2014Chen, H; zhang, G; ZHU, D; lu, J
Jan-2014Translation, reliability and validity of Iranian version of the smoking consequences questionnaire (SCQ) among smokersZeidi, I; Saffari, M; Chen, H; Pakpour, AH
Jan-2014A Two-steps Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering Method for Patent Time-dependent DataChen, H; Zhang, G; Lu, J; Zhu, D; Sun, F; Li, T; Liu, H; Li, H
15-Oct-2016Ultra-rapid synthesis of highly porous and robust hierarchical ZnO films for dye sensitized solar cellsTricoli, A; Nasiri, N; Chen, H; Wallerand, AS; Righettoni, M
Sep-2016The use of simulation as a novel experiential learning module in undergraduate science pathophysiology education.Chen, H; Kelly, M; Hayes, C; van Reyk, D; Herok, G
Jan-2013Voluntary post weaning exercise restores metabolic homeostasis in offspring of obese ratsRajia, S; Chen, H; Morris, MJ
15-Nov-2016A weighted adaptation method on learning user preference profileZhang, Z; Liu, Y; Xu, G; Chen, H
Jan-2011A Western diet increases serotonin availability in rat small intestineBertrand, RL; Senadheera, S; Markus, I; Liu, L; Howitt, L; Chen, H; Murphy, TV; Sandow, SL; Bertrand, PP