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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-01Advances of Carbon-Based Materials for Lithium Metal Anodes.Tang, K; Xiao, J; Li, X; Wang, D; Long, M; Chen, J; Gao, H; Chen, W; Liu, C; Liu, H
2020AMRNN: attended multi-task recurrent neural networks for dynamic illness severity predictionChen, W; Long, G; Yao, L; Sheng, QZ
2020-09-01Construction of SiO<inf>2</inf>-TiO<inf>2</inf>/g-C<inf>3</inf>N<inf>4</inf> composite photocatalyst for hydrogen production and pollutant degradation: Insight into the effect of SiO<inf>2</inf>Sun, S; Ding, H; Mei, L; Chen, Y; Hao, Q; Chen, W; Xu, Z; Chen, D
2016-01-01Designing a web tool to support teamwork awareness and reflection: Evaluation of two trial cyclesKoh, E; Tee, YH; Shibani, A; Tay, KL; Tan, JPL; Hong, H; Hussin, M; Chan, HL; Chen, W; Yang, JC; Murthy, S; Wong, SL; Iyer, S
2020-07Dominant Polar Surfaces of Colloidal II-VI Wurtzite Semiconductor Nanocrystals Enabled by Cation Exchange.Wang, A; Wang, W; Chen, J; Mao, R; Pang, Y; Li, Y; Chen, W; Chen, D; Hao, D; Ni, B-J; Saunders, M; Jia, G
2020-12-01Electrospun nitrogen-doped carbon nanofibers for electrocatalysisLu, L; Cao, X; Shen, Z; Li, L; Huo, J; Chen, W; Liu, C; Liu, H
2020-08-01Flash flood susceptibility modelling using functional tree and hybrid ensemble techniquesArabameri, A; Saha, S; Chen, W; Roy, J; Pradhan, B; Bui, DT
2020-01Hierarchical Porous Molybdenum Carbide Based Nanomaterials for Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Production.Liu, Y; Huo, J; Guo, J; Lu, L; Shen, Z; Chen, W; Liu, C; Liu, H
2020-03-15Investigation of water injection benefits on downsized boosted direct injection spark ignition engineZhuang, Y; Sun, Y; Huang, Y; Teng, Q; He, B; Chen, W; Qian, Y
2020-12-15Investigation of water spray evolution process of port water injection and its effect on engine performanceZhuang, Y; Chi, H; Huang, Y; Teng, Q; He, B; Chen, W; Qian, Y
2020Large Margin Partial Label Machine.Chai, J; Tsang, IW; Chen, W
2021-01-10Multi-region and multi-sector comparisons and analysis of industrial carbon productivity in ChinaYang, H; Lu, Z; Shi, X; Mensah, IA; Luo, Y; Chen, W
2020-07-01Recent advances of two–dimensional molybdenum disulfide based materials: Synthesis, modification and applications in energy conversion and storageHuo, J; Ge, R; Liu, Y; Guo, J; Lu, L; Chen, W; Liu, C; Gao, H; Liu, H