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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2011Deployment of an agent-based SANET architecture for healthcare servicesChiu, C; Chaczko, Z
30-Jul-2012Design of an intelligent health system using evolutionary middleware for sensor actor networksChiu, C; Chaczko, Z; Kong, X
1-Jan-2013Enhancement of surgical training practice with the spring tensor heuristic modelChiu, C; Chaczko, Z
1-Dec-2008File compression using typogenetic computationChan, A; Chaczko, Z; Chiu, C; Zielinski, R
13-Oct-2017How the Internet of Things is Changing Teaching of Technical Subjects at UTSZhang, W; Szymanski, J; Chiu, C; Chaczko, Z; Su, S; Zhou, J; Chaczko, Z; Pichler, F; Jiang, F; Chiu, C
1-Dec-2013Implementing sensor-actor networks with the elastic network model for laparoscopic trainingChaczko, Z; Chiu, C; Alqarni, L; Almarwani, A
1-Dec-2010Intelligent health care - A Motion Analysis system for health practitionersChaczko, Z; Kale, A; Chiu, C
1-Jan-2013Modelling intrusion detection in security systemsChaczko, Z; Klempous, R; Chiu, C
20-Feb-2012Multi-dimensional representations of laparoscopic simulations for SANETsChiu, C; Chaczko, Z
1-Mar-2012N-body potential interaction as a cost function in the elastic model for SANET cloud computingChaczko, Z; Resconi, G; Chiu, C; Aslanzadeh, S
1-Dec-2009Patient information management: Application of performance theories for healthcareChaczko, Z; Kohli, AS; Chiu, C; Mahadevan, V
1-Jan-2014Populating Contents of the Saudi eLearning Objects Repository "Maknaz" from Information Technology & Knowledge Management PerspectiveAlammari, AM; Chandran, D; Chaczko, Z; Gaol, FL; Pichler, F; Chiu, C
1-Mar-2010Sensor actor network modeling utilizing the holonic architectural frameworkChiu, C; Chaczko, Z; Moses, P
1-Mar-2012Sensor-actor network solution for scalable ad-hoc sensor networksChaczko, Z; Chiu, C; Aslanzadeh, S; Dune, T
Jan-2008Sex hormone receptor gene variation associated with phenotype in male hypertrophic cardiomyopathy patientsLind, JM; Chiu, C; Ingles, J; Yeates, L; Humphries, SE; Heather, AK; Semsarian, C
Jan-2011A Simplified Swarm Optimization For Discovering The Classification Rule Using Microarray Data Of Breast CancerYeh, W; Chang, W; Chiu, C
1-Nov-2010Smart Hospital Management System: An integration of enterprise level solutions utilising open group architecture framework (TOGAF)Chaczko, Z; Chiu, C; Kohli, AS; Mahadevan, V
29-Oct-2018A Smart Pillow for Health Sensing System Based on Temperature and Humidity SensorsLi, S; Chiu, C
4-Nov-2011Software infrastructure for wireless sensor and actuator networksChaczko, Z; Chiu, C; Aslanzadeh, S; Dune, T