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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Editors introduction: Fundamental dimensions and dilemmas of corporate governanceClarke, T; Dela Rama, M; Clarke, T; dela Rama, M
2006Editors' introduction - the governance of globalizationClarke, T; Dela Rama, M; Clarke, T; dela Rama, M
2004-08-01Engaging in the future of e-learning: A scenarios-based approachBell, M; Martin, G; Clarke, T
2014-01The Evolution of Corporate Governance in Japan: The Continuing Relevance of Berle and MeansSeki, T; Clarke, T
2007-01-01The evolution of directors duties: Bridging the divide between corporate governance and corporate social responsibilityClarke, T
2019-02-28The Evolving Corporation: Economy, Law and Society,Clarke, T; O'Brien, J; Clarke, T; O'Brien, J; O'Kelley, C
2005-01General introductionClarke, T; Clarke, T
2009-01The Global Financial Crisis and the Implications for Corporate Governance RegulationClarke, T
2011-01The Globalisation of Corporate Governance: Irresistible Markets Meet Immovable InstitutionsClarke, T; Alexander Brink
2018-10-02The governance and regulation of the superannuation industry: Systemic failure in the Australian retail sectorClarke, T
2014-12-01Governance Challenges for Not-for-Profit Organisations: Empirical Evidence in Support of A Contingency ApproachClarke, T; Chelliah, J; Klettner, A; Boersma, M
2012-01Governance for Sustainability: Challenges for Theory and PracticeBenn, SH; Clarke, T; Branson, D
-Governance Issues for SMEsClarke, T; Klettner, A
2014-01-01The Governance of Corporate Sustainability: Empirical Insights into the Development, Leadership and Implementation of Responsible Business StrategyKlettner, A; Clarke, T; Boersma, M
2014-07-01The Governance of Global Value Chains: The Internationalisation and Intensification of Accumulation and ExploitationClarke, T; Boersma, M
2017-06-01The Governance of Global Value Chains: Unresolved Human Rights, Environmental and Ethical Dilemmas in the Apple Supply ChainClarke, T; Boersma, M
2019-01-01Governing complexity to challenge neoliberalism? Embedded firms and the prospects of understanding new realitiesKhlif, W; Clarke, T; Karoui, L; Seny Kan, KA; Ingley, C
2014-01-01High-frequency trading and dark pools: Sharks never sleepClarke, T
2011-05-02Human Capital in Developing Countries: The Significance of the Asian ExperienceClarke, T
2019-09-01The impact of corporate governance on compounding inequality: Maximising shareholder value and inflating executive payClarke, T; Jarvis, W; Gholamshahi, S