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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002-01The knowledge economy, knowledge-based business and knowledge management: examining the business models of the new economyClarke, T; Timbrell, G
2015The Long Road to Reformulating the Understanding of Directors' DutiesClarke, T
2012-01-01Markets, regulation and governance: The causes of the global financial crisisClarke, T
2007-01The materiality of sustainability: Corporate social and environmental responsibility as instruments of strategic change?Clarke, T; Benn, S; Dunphy, D
2001-01-01Millennium management, changing paradigms and organization studiesClegg, S; Clarke, T; Ibarra, E
2016-11-02The Modern Corporation Statement on ManagementWillmott, HC; Djelic, M-L; Spicer, A; Parker, M; Perrow, C; S. Pugh, D; Spender, J-C; Gond, J-P; ten Bos, R; Beverungen, A; Calas, MB; Thompson, GF; Morgan, G; Clegg, SR; McSweeney, B; Ahonen, P; Hancock, P; Czarniawska, B; Gospel, H; S. Pitsis, T; Taylor, S; Land, C; Shukaitis, S; Simpson, AV; Keenoy, T; Vachhani, S; Taskin, L; Cheney, G; Bencherki, N; Perret, V; Allard-Poesi, F; Palpacuer, F; Espinosa, J; Jacobs, DC; Brewis, J; King, D; Wainwright, T; Thanem, T; Jarvis, W; Hoedemaekers, C; Glynos, J; Towers, I; Mansell, S; Cabantous, L; Cooke, BM; Marens, R; Munro, I; Komlik, O; Weir, K; Lilley, S; Cailluet, L; Chabrak, N; Huzzard, T; Nadir Alakavuklar, O; Mowles, C; Murphy, J; Le Goff, J; Slater, R; Cambre, M-C; Velez-Castrillon, S; Laouisset, DE; Schmidt, SM; Erturk, I; Meyer, AD; Kuhn, T; Huault, I; Tchalian, H; Clarke, T; Cassiers, I; Chanteau, J-P; Malaurent, J; Cooper, DJ; O'Reilly, D; Pirson, M; Srinivas, N; de Souza Rosa Filho, D; Faria, A; Mir, R; Serrano Archimi, C; Cairns, G; Tennent, K; Doherty, D; Wartzman, R; Liew, P; Hlupic, V; Bourguignon, A; O’Mahoney, J; Riaz, S; Al-Amoudi, I; Montiel, O; McKenna, S; Bosch, HVD; Rees, C; Bell, E; Kyriakidou, O; Cathcart, A; Ridley-Duff, RR; Stevenson, L; Kornelakis, A; Veldman, J
2019-10Multinational Corporations and their SubsidiariesKlettner, A; Clarke, T; Atherton, A
2017-10-20National innovation systems in the Asia Pacific: A comparative analysisClarke, T; Chelliah, J; Pattinson, E
2014-11-27Open Innovation in Services and the Link to Value Creation: A Dynamic Capabilities Perspective’Kohler, M; Agarwal, R; Clarke, T
2001-01Organization Studies Today: A Challenge for Management and Organization Studies in the Coming CenturyClegg, SR; Ibarra-Colado, E; Clarke, T
2019-02-28Oxford Handbook of the CorporationClarke, T; O'Brien, J; O'Kelley, C; Clarke, T; O'Brien, J; O'Kelley, C
2004-08-01The political economy of e-learning educational development: Strategies, standardisation and scalabilityKenney, J; Hermens, A; Clarke, T
2006-01Privatising the world?Clarke, T; Clarke, T; dela Rama, M
2010-04-27Recurring crises in Anglo-American corporate governanceClarke, T
2010-01Recurring Crises In Anglo-American Corporate GovernanceClarke, T; Huse; Morten; EURAM
2009-01Regulatory responses to the global financial crisis - the next cycle of corporate governance reform?Clarke, T; Klettner, AL
2012-01-01The SAGE handbook of corporate governanceClarke, T; Branson, DM
2016-11-18The search for sustainability in financial markets: carbon bubbles, shifting tectonic paradigms, and natural capital coalitionsClarke, T
2016-01-01The search for sustainability in financial markets: Carbon bubbles, shifting tectonic paradigms, and natural capital coalitionsClarke, T
2016-07-02The search for sustainability in financial markets: carbon bubbles, shifting tectonic paradigms, and natural capital coalitionsClarke, T