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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2001Organization Studies Today: A Challenge for Management and Organization Studies in the Coming CenturyClegg, SR; Ibarra-Colado, E; Clarke, T
1-Jan-2017Organization Theory in Business and Management History: Present Status and Future ProspectsMaclean, M; Harvey, C; Clegg, SR
Jan-2012Organization Theory, Power and Changing InstitutionsClegg, SR; Gray, J; Boje, DM; Burnes, B; Hassard, J
31-Jan-2017Organizational dialecticsClegg, SR; Cunha, MP
Jan-2010An Organizational Perspective on Space and Place BrandingClegg, SR; Kornberger, MM; Go, FM; Govers, R
Mar-2005The Outsourcing Debate: Theories and FindingsClegg, SR; Burdon, S; Nikolova, N
1-Dec-2005The outsourcing debate: Theories and findingsClegg, SR; Burdon, S; Nikolova, N
20-Jan-2017Paradoxical Identity: The changing nature of architectural work and its relation to architects' identityAhuja, S; Nikolova, N; Clegg, SR
1-Jan-2017People, Management, and the Corporation after the Global Financial CrisisClegg, SR; Bhatt, P; Jaiswal, P; Majumdar, B; Verma, S
1-Jan-2012Phronesis, projects and power researchClegg, SR; Pitsis, TS
Jan-2004Platyplus at play.Clegg, SR
1-Jan-2004Platypus at play: Nomadic Theorizing With a Power CompassClegg, SR
1-Dec-2002The Political Ecology of Automobile Recycling in EuropeOrsato, RJ; Den Hond, F; Clegg, SR
1-Jul-2016The Political Ecology of Palm Oil ProductionOrsato,, RJ; Clegg, SR; Falcao, H
1-Dec-2013The Political Ecology of Palm Oil ProductionOrsato, RJ; Clegg, SR; Falcão, H
1-Aug-2008The politics of gossip and denial in interorganizational relationsVan Iterson, A; Clegg, SR
1-Jul-2019The Politics of OpennessClegg, SR; van Rijmenam, MH; Schweitzer, J; Seidl, D; Whittington, R; Von Krogh, G
Jan-2012The Politics of the Copenhagen UN Climate Change SummitClegg, SR; Ivo Domingues
Jan-2012The Polyarchic Bureaucracy: Cooperative Resistance In The Workplace And The Construction Of A New Political Structure Of OrganizationsCourpasson, D; Clegg, SR
Jan-2003The polyphonic spree: the case of the Liverpool DockersCarter, C; Clegg, SR; Hogan, J; Kornberger, MM